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Your hair is something that you should take proper care of. Beautiful hair will help you boost your confidence. The right hairstyle or hair design will accentuate your best features. just like how a bad hair day can ruin your entire outfit. A bad day also includes a severely damaged mane. When this happens, it would take a lot of effort and money just to repair your hair to regain its natural luster and strength.

Step 1

Before trying out a new hair design, you should first prepare your hair for the big change. To avoid further damage, it is advisable that you apply a generous amount of deep conditioning treatment to your hair for one week prior to any hair treatment that you plan on undergoing.

Step 2

One common hair design is colored hair. Make sure that you choose hair color that makes your eyes pop and skin glow. It should not wash your face out or make you look 10 to 20 years older. For warm undertones, choose colors such as red or a rich mahogany. For cooler undertones, you can go as blonde as you want because they will look perfect for your skin tone. Also remember to color your hair first before getting a haircut to get rid of dry and damaged ends.

Step 3

After getting a haircut that defines your facial features, you can now choose the hair design that you want. The most simple hair design that you can use everyday is by air drying your hair. With this, you can opt to just let your hair down and go with its natural shape. or you can tie and secure it with a high or low ponytail. Ponytails never go out of trend. Try to stay away from mid-rise ponytails though, as they may look rugged and you will just look like you've just stepped out of the gym.

Step 4

Another hair design that almost everyone can pull off is by doing braids. This type of hair design or style is currently on trend as we have seen them on various runway shows. Try searching for YouTube videos for tutorials on how to do the following types of braids:

  • fishtail braid
  • milkmaid braid
  • waterfall braid
  • regular braid
  • 4/5 strand braid

Braids typically create feminine and innocent looks. but with the right accessories and color palette, you can turn from girly and flirty to tough and edgy.

Step 5

If you want volume, then a curly style would be the perfect hair design for you. You can create beach waves or retro curls depending on your preference. If you want loose waves, you can simply pin-curl your hair and scrunch it. The finishing touch should be the application of hair spray. In doing retro curls, use a large barrel curling iron and style as needed. Tighten each curl, make a side part then secure with a bobby pin.

If you want a fashionable hair design, you can make a messy top bun on your head. This hairstyle can go well with almost everything. Do this by detangling and smoothing your hair. Make a high ponytail. After that, tease the back part of the ponytail, twist it then roll it around the ponytail.


Use a mirror when doing your own hair design to see if you are satisfied with your new look.

By Xtine Oh, published at 03/21/2012
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