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The Top 5 Female Hair Styles


Nothing boosts your self-esteem better than a good hair day or a new hairstyle. You can go to shopping or you can be promoted, but if your hair doesn’t look great you can’t fully enjoy those moments. How you take care of your hair has an impact on your image or, in other words, it gives the ones around you a clue about your personality and even about your life style. If you want your co-workers or other people to overwhelm you with compliments or at least to be excited when they approach you, here are the top 5 female hair styles from which you can choose to flatter your face shape.

Step 1

One of the most popular hairstyles since 1970 is the layered shag. This is the perfect hair cut for the ones who want to transmit they are bold and happy. It survived over the time, of course with a few modifications, due to its versatility. No matter if you have a round face or a heart shaped one, square or oval, short, medium or long length hair, as long as the layers start from the right place every woman can wear the shag hair style. Moreover, men can wear this hair cut too. Despite of looking casual, you can adapt it to every style of outfit. For example, if you want to dress elegantly you can simply curl the layers.

Step 2

The timeless bob ranks the second place of the top 5 female hair styles. No matter if you choose a medium long bob hair cut or a short bob, you will surely look sweet. With a few modifications of the asymmetric layers and bangs, every woman can wear it, regardless of the face shape. If you a have round face, tell your hairstylist to adjust this female hair cut to your face by leaving some layered strands of hair on the face to bring your face shape closer to the oval shaped face.

Step 3

For the truly bold personalities, this top 5 female hair style includes the pixie hairstyle on the third place. This is the best choice for those with a triangle type of face because it adds fullness at the crown and balances the prominent jaw. Yet, there are variations which go as well for the other types of face.

Step 4

Long straight female hair with bangs of various types is another female hair style that will never go out of fashion. The best part of this tonsure is the way it rejuvenates the face’s features. You can wear this hairstyle as a casual one when accompanying the children in the park, or you can make it look office if you tie the hair in a ponytail.

Step 5

Finally, the reason why this last hair style has got in the top 5 female hairstyles is because it was adopted by the majority of the female celebrities at some point of their career. This is the V shaped long hair and with layers at the end. It is similar to the shag hair style, but the difference is the clean and well settled aspect. Women of all ages can wear this hair cut, regardless of the face shape.


All this said, although there are plenty of female hair style to choose from, only a few of them have managed to endure the fashion trends’ changes. Choose between one of these five timeless hairstyles if you want to be always fashionable.

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By stephen cunanan, published at 03/23/2012
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