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Top 5 Female Hair Styles

Published at 03/22/2012 00:00:04


To most women, female hair seems like to be the crowning glory which tells something about their personality. That’s why the goal of every salon you enter is to make you look great with the latest hairstyle. But despite of the fast-changing trends in fashion, there are still women who stick to the usual hairstyle. So what are the top 5 female hairstyles?


Short female hair is the most common as it is also the easiest to manage. When we talk about a short hairstyle, it should only be at chin level or even shorter. And not everyone looks great with a short hair. So you are lucky enough if you are one of these great-looking individuals with short hair. Short hairstyle is neat and in fact sexy to look at. But if the shape of your face doesn’t suit to this kind of hairstyle, then don’t take the risk of cutting your hair. Next is the medium hairstyle. When your hair is below your chin or reaches your shoulder then you fall to this category. Medium hair is also said to be the most popular among the different hairstyles as it often seems suitable to most women. This hairstyle is also not hard to take care because it is neither too long nor too short so you can still have it tied if you want. It is also easy for you to add some spice to this type of hair by just simply blow drying and adding some curls. Another is the long hairstyle which is also not that hard to manage than what you imagine. But if you have this type of hair, it is better to keep it healthy as it is more prone to split ends. Ponytail then is the easiest way to keep a long hair neat. But don’t just limit yourself to a few hairstyles when in fact you can do a lot of styling with a long hair. Just have fun with your hair and explore. Just make sure that you keep your hair properly taken cared of as you maintain the quality. And if you want to keep the length of your hair as it is but want to have a shorter look in front, you can go for a V or U-shaped hairstyle.


Aside from the front, it will also look shorter on the sides but is still long at the back. But if you want to have that sexy look, go for a wavy hairstyle. Just curl your female hair to have those beachy waves. This sexy hairstyle works well in both medium and long hair. You can even do it on your own. Just wash your hair, blow dry it and then comb. You then get the best curler and then you’re on the go to those sexy waves.

Tips and comments

Different hairstyle works well on different people. Another factor to consider when choosing a hairstyle is the shape of your face. Hairstyle actually plays an important role to everybody and not just to fashion industry. As it gives a personal statement, it is also necessary to match every outfit with the perfect female hairstyle.


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