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Tips And Tricks For Curling Hair


We all want different hairstyles. Most of the girls go for straight hair but now curls are quite in fashion. So all of the young girls are looking for machines and tongs for curling hair. Now instead of rollers, which take 10-15 minutes all the girls prefer curling tongs which we use for curling hair.

Step 1

One of the simplest and easiest tips for curling hair would be to blow dry them right after your shower. Then use any hair spray and mist it on your hair where you want curls, then flip your head upside down and apply it on the lower section of your hair.

Step 2

If you are short of time and want curly hair, you can always use moose and salt spray. They always work. This technique will work only if your hair is washed properly. Before curling your hair make sure you use a clarifying shampoo and condition your hair. In this way the curls will be more fixed and your hair will give a shiny look.

Step 3

Another way of curling hair is kind of difficult, depending on the thickness of your hair. But your hair will get a really cool look. Wash your hair properly, dry them with a towel and comb them properly. Blow dry your hair starting from the roots to give your hair extra volume. Now to curl hair, people use wide-barrel curling hair, I would recommend clampless curling iron such as T3 Singlepass Whirl. These clampless curling irons are amazing and you will get a Barbie doll type fixed curls. But while curling, make sure you take just an inch or two of hair to curl and release after 10-15 seconds. Only in this way you will get fixed curls.

Step 4

If you have short hair you will have to use 1-inch barrel curling hair iron. For short hair it is advisable to tuck in the ends of the curl. In this way the curl won’t flip out. If you want loose curls so rub some wax or pomade on your hand and massage lightly on your hair. You will get excellent results. The last step would be to apply some hairspray and you will get perfect curls.

Step 5

If you have long hair you can use rollers, in that way they will give you heavy curls. You have to keep them for at least ten minutes. Another tip for curling hair is that you can scrunch them with the hardest hairspray you can find. As it is a hard hairspray your hair might get hard ,so mix them with moose or soft gel first. Your curls will remain firm all day. You don’t need to curl all of your hair, just curl the back hair and pin up the front. This will give you a very chic look.


If your curls are not neat enough you should use BioSilk to your ends. This will reduce the frizzy effect which you may have after curling your hair. And if you are using the hot tong don’t forget to apply the serum which will protect your hair. And after you get back home and want to get rid of the curling hair, moose and the hairspray, take a shower. Never brush your hair as it will break your hair.

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