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5 Tips For Styling Your Hair For a Wedding


The wedding day is a day of beauty, glamour and style, not only for the bride and the groom but also for the people who are about to participate in the wedding. No doubt the guests themselves are very excited to attend the party and they do make all the necessary effort to look good and to make their appearance a source of happiness for the blessed couple. If you are one of those who are invited to a wedding and you too want to look good, then you must pick a very elegant dress and style your hair in a very beautiful way. Do you want to know how to style your hair for the wedding? Then surely you will find this article very useful.

Step 1

The first tip to follow when it comes to styling your hair for the wedding as a guest is to follow the theme, ask whatever the theme is for the big day and get prepared for it accordingly, this is important as it will make the bride and groom happy. Based on the type and length of your hair, pick a style to follow. For example if you have long hair they will look good in a relaxed and simple look as well as with the curls. If you have hair with medium length then you can go for a bun as it gives a very elegant touch and if you are not much of a bun person than you can half up-do your hair to make them fall on your shoulders. Having short hair would be advantageous as it will require less time to get it done so that you can make them stand in perfect curls wisps, flyaway type or in simple bob style too. But whichever the style you pick, make sure it goes well with your dress as well.

Step 2

If you are wearing a low neck then the tied up hair won’t look as elegant as those which you leave free to fall over your shoulders. Another thing to take care of is the earrings you are about to wear, high collars look hideous with the long earrings so avoid doing that, choose some small yet elegant one to complement your dress. Shampooing your hair just before the wedding is really not a good thing as your hair would all go fluffy and would go flying in every direction.

Step 3

Let them settle down properly and try washing them at least a day before the event is scheduled. If you are planning on coloring your hair for the wedding then you must do that a day before the wedding or more because that way there will not be a stress of dying the hair and the new color would have gained your acceptance till then, that way it would be easier for you to manage them.


Then a special care must be taken about the time and the venue of the wedding, if you will go to a beach side wedding party with your hair left loose, you would definitely find a nest where your head was supposed to be.

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