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How To Remove Hairspray From the Mirror


To keep wayward hair under control all day, using hairspray is a good idea. However, you will find that if you stand in the same place every day when using the hairspray, a residue of it will build up on surfaces around you. This may be a wall, and as you most likely look at yourself as you arrange your hair, the hairspray will very likely end up on a mirror. If you do not get rid of it soon, it may be pretty difficult to deal with it later. Also, the hairspray you use will decide what amount of residue is left behind. This article will list ways in which you can get the hairspray residue off the mirrors in your home.

Step 1

Perhaps the simplest way to go about removing hairspray from mirrors is to use hot water. Make water as hot as you can handle, put on some protective gloves, and start to wipe off the hairspray residue using a bit of cloth. The hot water will dissolve the hairspray in no time, and you will not have to use any chemical cleaners or agents to have a clean mirror again.

Step 2

An instinctive way to deal with it would be to use shampoo. After all, it does get the hairspray off your hair! Mix it with warm water and use.

Bleach is one way to get the hairspray stains off your mirrors. However, be careful to not let the bleach come in contact with your clothes, as it will spoil them.

Step 3

Nail paint remover is another way to deal with the hairspray residue in your home. But, this might take quite some work from your side. Again, a lot depends on the quality of the hairspray you use, as some are easier to remove than others.

Step 4

Make a mixture of water and vinegar, using equal quantities of both – that is, if you use one cup of vinegar, use the same amount of water. Rub this on the hairspray residue, and it should start to give way after some time.

Step 5

Some people will tell you that ammonia, mixed with two parts water, is the way to go if there is hairspray residue on the mirrors that you want to be rid of. Ammonia tends to smell bad, so be prepared to deal with that. Also, make sure that you store it according to the directions given on the box.


Cleaners that are available in the market, such as Windex, Mr.Clean All-Purpose Cleaner, and many others are also good options to get the hairspray residue off your mirrors. There will be annoying lint after you are done wiping these off the mirror with a cloth, but at least the hairspray will be gone too!

Perhaps, the best advice would be to not let the hairspray accumulate itself into a nuisance. Clean your bathroom every day, including the mirror, and you will not have to spend extra time and effort on getting it clean later. Also, do not use cleaners that are meant for floors or tiles on mirrors because they may damage the plastic or paint that happens to be near the mirror.

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