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5 Hair Curling Tips For Professionals


Curls are our favorite hairstyle for special occasions like birthday parties, a night out with friends, proms, weddings and many others. Yet, although we are curling our hair with every occasion, we often fail to make them right and they either look like Afro hairstyles or don’t resist all night long. Hair curling is not as easy as it seems, but if you know a few tips and tricks, you can make them look perfect and enjoy a sexy hairdo instead of an Afro one.

Step 1

The first and the most important tip to make your curls look like made by professionals, is to prepare it before. Curls are heavy and tend to lose their form fast if you don’t give your hair the right texture for them. So, if you are planning a hair curling session, avoid washing it before because it will become too fine and the curls will loosen faster. In case you wash it before, apply a mouse or gel on the wet hair and then dry it with the head upside down for more volume. Never

Step 2

Choose the right hair curling iron. If you decide you want some wavy and loose curls, choose an iron with a thicker barrel. If you want small and dense curls, go for a tool with a smaller diameter.

Step 3

The material from which the hair curling iron is made has a major say in the final result. There are ceramic, gold, titanium and chrome irons. All professionals use the one made from ceramic, so if you don’t have one made from this material, borrow from a friend because this not only spreads the heat evenly, but also protects your hair. If you go to a hairdresser to make your curls, you will notice that he not only combs your hair very well before applying heat, but he also straights with the hair straightener. By doing so, he gets rid of all obstacles like tangles that can impede him from obtaining perfect curls.

Work in an organized manner. Before touching the hair with the iron, separate it into three sections and tie each section with ponytail holders. Then, take each section and split it into thin threads of hair. If you do so, the heat will get evenly on the entire hair and there won’t be sections which lose faster than the others. After you curl one thread of hair, don’t open. Pin it at the root and let it cool. When all the hair is pinned to the head, apply a hair spray to make sure the curls will resist a crazy dancing night. After that, you can release them and finish the hair curling by breaking with your hands the threads of hair which are too tight.


In conclusion, if you want to make your curls like a professional you have to work organized, you have to give your hair the right texture to sustain the curls and you have to use the best and the hair curling iron.

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By stephen cunanan, published at 03/27/2012
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