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How To Make Extensions Out Of Human Hair


Making human hair extensions is not a really difficult process though it can be if you don't know how to proceed. It is important to know the proper steps so that you correctly make the extensions and can wear them for years to come. It will actually save you money if you make your own human hair extensions. You can buy human hair in bulk and save money. You will need some basic supplies and you also need to know how to sew hair. It is a basic stitch that most people know and is not difficult.

Step 1

The first step is buy your supplies. You will need the human hair and weft clips. These can be bought online at many different hair supply retailers. Make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable dealer and that you are getting human hair and not horse hair. Some unscrupulous dealers like to try to sell horse hair as human hair and though this is against the law, it can be difficult to prosecute these stores as they open up under different names. Make sure that you check with the BBB to be sure that the business is reputable.

Step 2

Once you have your supplies, you will also need some strong thread and a tough needle for your human hair extensions making. These supplies need to be gathered to be sure that you are ready to make your clip in human hair extensions. Many people like to buy very pale blond human hair so that they can dye it practically any color. This is the very best way to get different colors for your hair extensions without trying to buy colored hair. This way you can have a large amount of human hair and dye it in different colors.

Step 3

Once you have dyed your human hair, you will need to let it dry and then comb it carefully to line up all of the strands and make sure that they are even. You will need to sew them to the weft clip and make sure that they are sewn very securely so that they will not come loose. Check the bottom lengths of your human hair extensions to be sure that they are even all the way across. You may need to trim any longer lengths to make them even.

Step 4

Once you have everything sewn in tightly and trimmed, you are ready to check your human hair extensions for any loose areas. This is vital to creating your perfect extensions. If your extensions are loose, they will fall out very easily and you will have wasted your money buying the hair. If you are unsure as to how solid your extensions are, you can add some glue to the weft clip to give it more stability. Make sure that your extensions are solid before you try to wear them.

Step 5

The first time that you put your human hair extensions weft clips in, you will need to be very carefully. Make sure that your extensions are in securely and do not have any loose areas. If the extensions are too loose, they will not look right in your hair. If you need to, you may readjust them to make sure that they are secure to your head. This will keep the extensions from falling out. Double check your extensions before going out to be sure that they are completely holding.


  • Make sure that you purchase the correct supplies.
  • Dye the hair to your liking.
  • Secure to the weft clip by sewing and gluing if necessary.

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