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How To Use Human Hair Extensions


Human hair extensions can give your old and boring hair a completely new look with just a few clip-ins. This is a fantastic way to quickly change the look of your hair with ease. Many women enjoy human hair extensions because they can add highlights, length, and volume to their hair without having to wait for their short hair to grow or having to get their hair colored, which can damage the hair and cause it to break off.

Step 1

One of the most important parts of using human hair extensions is to make sure that you have clean and fresh hair before you begin the process. If your hair is not clean, you will not get the hair extensions results that you are hoping for. Clean and glossy locks will hold your hair extensions in much better and they will blend in better with your true hair. This is an important step that everyone should follow when they are using human hair extensions.

Step 2

You should make sure that your brush and style your hair as you normally would before you add any human hair extensions. These extensions can handle the heat of a blow dryer and curling iron, but it is reccommended that you not use these tools very often because just like your hair, you can damage these extensions. Once they are damaged, you won't be able to repair them in any way and will have to start from fresh.

Step 3

There is one thing that many people neglect when they own human hair extensions and that is that they do not properly clean them and care for them. You should store your human hair extensions in individual bags to keep them from getting dusty and causing damage. If you store them properly, you will get much more life out of them and they will last for a long time. You should also gently cleanse the extensions once a week with a very mild shampoo. It also helps to add a small amount of conditioner and to dry them thoroughly before you store them away.

Step 4

When you are ready to wear your human hair extensions, it is advisable that you realize how to use them correctly. Most of these hair extensions just clip in easily. All you need to do is section off the hair and clip each section in carefully. The clip in goes in very easily and should not pull on your hair too tight. If your hair feels tight, then you will need to adjust the extension and loosen it. Don't be afraid to move the extension around until it feels comfortable and right. This will save you pain in your scalp and you will be able to wear the extensions for a longer period of time.

Step 5

Once you have all of your human hair extensions added to your hair, you will just need to run your hands through your hair to blend in the extensions with your own hair. This will give you a seamless look that will make the extensions look much more natural and like they are a part of your true head of hair. Many people think that they can just clip the extensions to their head and go, but you must fuss with the strands to make them more presentable before you go out.


Try different colors and textures of human hair extensions for great looks.

Explore different looks daily.

Make sure that you properly install the extension in your hair.

Take care of your extensions for long life.

Have fun with different hairstyles!

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