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How To Heat Up Hair Wax

Published at 04/04/2012 22:05:58


Body hair is often unwanted by most women, and different ways have evolved to be able to get rid of these unwanted hair. One of the most efficient and one preferred by most women who have access to it is hair wax. Though there are many other depilatory methods you can use, such as shaving off the hair, hair removal creams, laser hair removal, plucking and tweezing and electrolysis, this article will focus on how hair wax is used to remove body hair.

Step 1

Though hair wax can result in a bit of discomfort and pain, pain threshold is different for individuals, so be sure to try out a hair wax session first before you give up on it because you are too scared! Keep in mind that hair wax is better used during the dry season, as humidity means there is retention of water in our bodies, and this makes the experience more painful.

Step 2

Now, when using hair wax, make sure you have all supplies ready at hand, such as some talxum powder for sprinkling on your skin before you begin the process, a towel or two etc. You could lay newspapers around where you are working so that the wax does not create a sticky, gooey mess that you will have to work hard to remove.

Step 3

Hair wax can be used at room temperature – however, this means that in colder climates or in cool weather, it will be much more stiff than you might be used to. The disadvantage here is that the wax will be more difficult to apply, and will also not grip the hair as properly. You may also have some trouble when it comes to jerking off the strips of cloth to remove the hair.

Step 4

It is definitely a better idea to heat the hair wax before you use it. However, be sure to heat it up only as much as required. If you heat it up too much and for too long, it will burn your skin, and these burns can be pretty bad.

Step 5

To heat hair wax, you can place the plastic container it comes in in a bowl of hot water – the hair wax will slowly begin to melt, and you can test it for the same using a spoon. When the wax seems liquid enough and you can swirl it about with ease using a spoon, you are ready!


The hair wax will solidify as you work, if the room temperature is not high enough to keep it in the liquid state. Instead of trying to use the hard wax that has cooled down, take some time to heat it up again!

If you find all of this too difficult, you can simply get professional help – many women prefer this, as it is not messy and gets done quickly. Professionals are comfortable using hair wax and they will most likely cause lesser pain as they will do the work swiftly and with less hesitation.


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