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How To Cover Skin Blemishes With Makeup


We've all experienced the problem of zits and blemishes getting in the way of putting our best face forward. Unfortunately, 85% of teens and 25% of adults suffer from acne and blemish problems, which can cause insecurity and can cause girls not to feel comfortable with their own skin. Luckily, there are several make up products out on the market that allow us to cover skin problems.

Step 1

If you want to cover skin blemishes and zits, you'll want to make sure you're purchasing face foundation, cover up and face powder that will do the trick. There are several different brands of face make up available on beauty shelves. Try to go with one that is dermatologist recommended, hypoallergenic and one that will provide SPF30 UVA & UVB protection. Also, to cover skin blemishes, try to find a tone that matches your exact skin tone on your face.

Step 2

To cover skin problems, you'll want to first prep. You need to make sure your hands are clean and washed as you don't want dirt and oils from your hands going onto your face. You also will want to have your foundation and face powder handy as well as a make up applicator or make up sponge that you can use to apply the make up to cover skin problems.

Step 3

Dab your foundation onto the make up applicator or make up sponge. You really do not need to use a lot of foundation to cover skin problems, all you need is a dab. It should be about the size of a nickel.

Step 4

Once the make up is properly on the sponge or applicator, place the applicator or sponge onto your face. Use a circular motion to evenly apply the make up and rub it in. You will want to make sure you steer clear from your eyes, lips and ears. Also, you may want to apply a thin layer onto your neck, so you do not look like you're multi colored on your face. Remember, you simply just want to cover skin problems, not layer a mask onto your face, so try not to go over board with the foundation.

Step 5

Once the foundation is evenly applied and looks to your liking, apply the face powder. You should apply face powder with a powder brush, which usually comes inside the packaging of the face powder. Evenly distribute the face powder over your face but make sure to close your eyes while doing so, so that you do not get any in your eyes on stuck on your eye lashes. After you are done with applying the make up to cover skin blemishes and zits, you may also want to apply mascara, eye liner, a shiny lip gloss, lipstick or eye shadow.


You also could use a light dusting of rose colored blush to cover skin problems. Blush will make your cheeks look rosy and will make your skin look shiny and healthy. Another great idea is to purchase one of the many soaps and cleansers out on the market to help rid your face of those pesky zits and blemishes.

By Nicole Marie, published at 02/23/2012
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