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How To Take Good Care Of Your Skin


Everybody wants to look young and attractive. Particularly, women are more conscious about their skin and they make several efforts to look beautiful. Women are quite determined, about the treatment of their skin as maintenance of your good looks and sexiness highly depends on how you treat your skin. Nowadays, due to lack of time, people are not able to take proper care and due to this harmful effect happen to skin. They are more prone to skin problems and start suffering from various skin problems, like wrinkles, skin darkness, pigmentation, dullness, acne, and many others.

Step 1

First thing to keep in mind is to protect your skin from sun. People are not aware of the fact, that large amount of exposure to sun can be really harmful to skin. Make sure that, you have used a sunscreen and protected your face, and give relief to skin before going in sun.

Step 2

There are certain things, which you need to do daily to make you skin healthy. Cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating helps to make your skin clear, and it is necessary to use a cleanser which suites your skin type. Moisturizing helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin and exfoliating clears the dead skin cells, it can be done by using soft brush and do circular strokes on skin after taking shower.

Step 3

Stress is one of the main factors which cause skin aging. Drinking water is one of the best remedies for skin aging and stress. Drinking eight glasses of water brings lots of glow to skin and makes your skin healthy. Consumption of lot of coffee should also be avoided and you should eat an apple for appropriate energy. If you are in office and your skin looks really dull and tired, then use Vitamin C products and fruits. Crush L-ascorbic tablets in rose water, and make that spray it will give fresh look to skin.

Step 4

To avoid skin wrinkles, there are various steps that you can take. Use sunscreen to avoid any kind of skin burn. SPF-15 is the best kind of product available in market for all kind of skins. Anti wrinkle cream should only be used if you are facing the problem. Consuming Vitamin A and Vitamin C food maintains the allure and essence of healthy skin. Using home remedies like paste of turmeric powder and sugar cane juice will really help you in natural face lift. Castor oil is used to reduce wrinkles. Finally, drinking water is the best solution, for fighting all kind of skin diseases.

Step 5

Eat vegetables and fruits to maintain nutrients and fluid of your skin, almost all the fruits brings smoothness and shine to skin. Include beets, carrots and cucumbers in your diet to bring inner natural glow to skin. Massaging your skin with Aloe Vera gel will also helps in rejuvenation of your skin.

Steps 6

There are several other things, which can cause serious harms to skin, like your health and your mental status.

Additional tip

If you are healthy and taking appropriate diet, it will affect your skin positively, and happy mind makes your skin glow like anything.

By AJ, published at 03/12/2012
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