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How Cosmetics Affect Your Skin


These days many people use cosmetics but that is not very healthy for our skin. Of course we all want to have a perfect skin with no wrinkles or acne but using cosmetics is not the best choose. Sure in that moment it may seem that will help but after a while your skin will lose elasticity and it will be too late for you to recover it. Today many cosmetic companies offer us plenty of shades for foundation, eye shadow, mascara and blush, and we are now interested in gaining knowledge about our skin type and how products affect our skin. After using cosmetics skin will fall apart with the time. Constant use of regular toxic cosmetics is certainly going to increase the level of toxic substances in your skin and body. Just think that every time you rub in a lotion or cream on your face, or for that matter, any other part of your body, you introduce harsh chemicals to your skin and after applying these cosmetics skin becomes unhealthy.


The most dangerous thing is that we are in the early stages of scientific data to prove how much toxic substances can enter into our body through regular use of these cosmetics. After taking cosmetics skin absorbs these harsh ingredients and affects not only the skin’s health but our health too. Some of them can cause many diseases depending on the products you use. Every time you use cosmetics skin is exposed to several carcinogens, irritations and even endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are very dangerous and using cosmetics your skin can be damaged and can appear dermatitis and other similar skin problems especially if you haven’t use that type of cosmetics before. You may not know if you are allergic to one of their components. You can have eye irritations, headache, and dryness of skin, skin rashes, dizziness, violent coughing, and even vomiting. We can enumerate many other bad reactions of using cosmetics and also we should first of all be careful what type of cosmetics do we use. If you really want to use cosmetics you should use bio cosmetics. After using bio cosmetics skin will be much healthier and will look better.


You first should think if that is god for your own health because if you are healthy you have more chances to look good for a longer time than if you use bad cosmetics. You can avoid these chemicals, the benefits are not just that you eliminate these dangerous chemicals, but using natural products that contain herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients will benefit your overall health and also you will protect the environment because some of those toxic chemicals harm the environment too. You should choose natural skin and care products in order to have a beautiful and healthy life and you will look awesome. The key is in your diet and in the vitamins and minerals that your body absorbs. This way you will have a successful and natural care of your skin and body.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/23/2012
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