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How To Take Care Of the Skin on Your Face

Published at 02/23/2012 23:51:14


Taking care of your skin is very important because it will affect not only your self-esteem, but will also affect what others may think of you. Everyone has different types of skin face which is something that is determined before birth.

Oily skin is more prone to break-outs due to the oil in the glands. Dry skin is less prone to break-out's but more prone to other things such as eczema and other skin irritations. African-American skin is typically more oily than other types of skin, as they have more oil production in their body than Caucasians and other skin face types.

Step 1

One of the first steps to taking care of you skin face is by assuring that you are washing your face at least 2 times daily. You should wash your face upon waking in the morning. This is because if you have slept with any part of your body (hand, arm) touching your face, it will cause even more oil production, thus leading to broken out and irritated skin.

Make sure when washing your skin face that you are using an all-natural product because the less chemicals the less chance of being allergic to ingredients in the face wash. Plain Ivory soap is the best thing that you can use on your face! Too little oil on the face will dry your skin and too much will make break-out's worse.

Be sure to use warm water on your face.


Step 2

Massage your face thoroughly throughout. When washing your face, you will want to do smooth and upward motions using the tips of your clean fingertips. Do not scrub your skin face too hard as this can damage skin face more than not washing at all!

Step 3

After washing your face you should pat dry using a clean hand towel. Once your face is dry, you should then follow-up with using some toner. You will need to select a toner that doesn't contain alcohol. Using any toner that has alcohol will dry your skin out too much, thus leading to another skin issue. Alpha hydroxy acid will work better for toning your face, and is recommended by top skin care doctors to use on any skin type to help balance out skin more evenly.

Step 4

The last but not least step of your daily face regimen is using some moisturizer. Moisturizer is necessary because you will need to replace the natural oil that was lost through the process of washing your skin. No matter what skin type, everyone needs to moisturize the skin.

To do this you will need some vitamin E oil (all natural is the best). Put directly on the skin and rub, assuring that it soaks up all the oil that is needed.

Step 5

Make sure that you do not scrub your skin too hard, or use too much oil as that can make problem acne worse.


Remember, always wash your hand before washing your face as you want all the oil to be off your hands before washing your face.

Never use a used towel to pat dry your face as this can cause more germs.

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