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The Affects Of Changing Seasons on Hair And Skin

Published at 02/23/2012 17:59:10


Autumn gives us warm and cold shivers, which put to the test our strength and metabolism, and our hair and skin. To look in autumn as well as in any other season, the effects of the temperature changes and humidity must be countered by a rich diet in vitamins, intense hydration with mineral water and herbal teas. In our daily concerns we have to make more room to a careful hair and skin care. In autumn you can find lots of vitamins in apples, pears, quinces, grapes and nuts. These vitamins are an authentic source of health for the body and are precious ingredients for many natural recipes.


The hair and skin require special attention in seasons that make the transition from hot to cold weather and vice versa. These changes can cause injury, irritation and dryness. To keep our skin glowing and elastic it is recommended to use creams and body oils, face and parts of the body packs, to avoid aggressive cosmetics and adopt a healthier body care with 100% organic or natural products. Discover the richness of fruit and vegetables, and you will see the results almost immediately. Quinces, grapes, walnuts, apples or pears can be used in masks, infusions and lotions with beneficial effects for skin and its diseases.
From the quince seeds you can get a lotion with soothing and calming effect for rashes, chapped skin, chilblains and eczema. It is made by crushing two tablespoons of seeds that are then put to soak in 100ml of warm water for 6-7 hours.


Freshly squeezed juice from a quince has an astringent effect on the dilated pores and oily skin.
Masks from raw apple are astringent and baked apple has an emollient effect for aging, dry and without brilliance skin. The apple juice tones the face and neck tissues. Of quince you can prepare an anti-wrinkle mask. Grate very fine a baked quince, mixed with almond oil and add a teaspoon of talcum powder. The paste is applied on the face and neck, especially in problem areas. Avoid the eyes area. Allow 15 minutes then rinse well with mineral water. Masks with grape juice help preventing wrinkles and brighten skin. Oil made from grapes is found in creams or it is used as a base for essential oils. All these oils contribute to an efficient hair and skin care.

Tips and comments

From sweet pears you can get masks for aged skin. Acne can be treated with masks made from sour pears with an astringent effect. Masks are left on the face about half an hour. Face masks with walnut oil are indicated for eczema, sunburn, irritation, and to revitalize dry, wrinkled and old skin, with an emollient and refreshing effect. Moisturizing and protecting hair and skin against environmental aggression and chemicals excess needs to be considered every season if you want to extend the life of your hair and skin. Hair masks or fresh fruit infusions nourish the hair, directly. Grapes, for example, are a real source of vitamins and minerals. The high water content helps to moisturize the hair. Thus, you can get a moisturizing and nourishing mask by mixing 10 grapes, half a banana, half an avocado.