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What To Do About Dry Skin


No matter what the season, although winter seems to be the worst, dry skin is an issue that can affect a person greatly. In severe cases, dry skin can crack, bleed and cause serious discomfort. There are several expensive lotions and products available at department and beauty supply stores that treat dry skin, but not all of these are a magic cure for the issue. Learn about the causes of dry skin to determine which products and treatments are right for your unique situation.


There are several causes of dry skin. One of the most common is harsh winter weather. The temperatures and humidity outdoor drops, which allows moisture to evaporate off the skin more quickly. This coupled with windy weather can leave almost anyone with uncomfortable, chapped skin. During the winter months people also spend more time indoors, which is another cause of dry skin. The constantly running furnace during the winter also removes excess moisture from the air, making your dry skin even worse.
Dehydration is another major cause of dry skin. When your body doesn’t receive the correct amount of liquids, the skin will eventually begin to dry out. There are several other causes of dry skin, including frequent hand washing, frequent bathing and hand washing with hot water and the underuse of body and hand lotions. Look at your own situation to determine the main causes of your dry skin.


There are several ways to prevent dry skin before it occurs. When walking outdoors during the winter, protect your skin by wearing a hat, scarf, mittens and coat. Bath less frequently during the winter months and turn down the heat. Use cooler water when washing your hands or transition regular hand washing with the use of moisturizing hand sanitizers.

Relief from Dry Skin

Once you’ve isolated the causes behind your dry skin, it’s time to treat the issue. One of the most effective ways to combat dry skin is to treat it from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. Follow the tried and true 64 ounces of water a day or drink as much water as you need to keep your skin looking supple. Whatever you decide, just pay attention that you’re drinking water throughout the day. Cover your body with a moisturizing lotion after bathing and hand washing. Keep a small bottle of lotion with you at all times and use it when you wash your hands away from home. Run a humidifier in your home, especially during the drier winter months, to add much needed moisture to the air. Whenever possible, turn down the furnace during the winter to prevent drying out the air. Wear lighter clothing, including those constructed from cotton or silk, as these are softer and easier on the skin. Avoid wool, once again especially during the winter months, as the heavy, scratchy fibers can irritate dry skin. Apply lip balm whenever necessary, especially if you’re experiencing extremely dry lips. Use a facial moisturizer every morning and evening to keep the skin on your face from drying out after washing.

By Jamie Zwyzinski, published at 02/23/2012
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