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The Benefits Of Hydration For Your Skin


Skin is very sensitive. Just like a leaf in autumn, it easily gets withered and weather-stricken. All the skin specialists or the dermatologists suggest taking special care of skin, the most sensitive component of body. The body is almost two thirds water. Adequate intake of pure water promotes the body's natural healing process. It is needed by the body to prevent toxins and chemical substances from accumulating and harming cells and to carry neurotransmissions from one nerve cell to another effectively. Minimum of 8 glasses of water is what the human body and skin requires for keeping it fresh and for the metabolism to be speedy. It is best to keep yourself hydrated to avoid your immune system to get attacked


Since the birth of human kind, the concept of skin hydration has been there. The people might not be aware of properly taking care of their skin but the concept was always there. Keeping your body and skin hydrated is the most fundamental need of a human body and automatically this need is fulfilled.


Keeping skin hydrated externally, as well as internally, is also beneficial in anti-aging and keeping the skin healthy. This is particularly important to those with dry or maturing skin. Keeping the air in environment from being too dry can help to avoid dehydration of the skin. Moisture can be added to your environment with plants, humidifiers and by placing open containers of water around the house. Hydrating the skin from the inside out is very important, drinking a lot of water fresh up the skin. Drinking plenty of water each day - around two liters is needed to clear spots and hydrate skin. Bad skin quality can also be caused by a poor diet and lack of vitamins, so make sure to eat plenty of fruit, protein, and get enough exercise.
Proper hydration is critical; it helps the body assimilate essential nutrients and excrete toxins, assists in maintaining pH balances, and helps prevent kidney stones, constipation and urinary infections. Furthermore it reduces the signs of ages and keeps skin soft and elastic. Additionally the water content in skin helps it perform its protective functions.

Tips and comments

It is very important to make sure that the skin is fresh. When the skin will be fresh, one will automatically feel good. Other then looking good, keeping the skin and body hydrated keeps many other problems and diseases at bay. Other than that skin being the most sensitive needs extra care, it is also advisable to use herbs and fruits skin’s paste or scrubs after being prescribed by a dermatologist. Hydro-mists that contain botanical essential oils can also be used. The combination is refreshing and beneficial to the mind and body. When using a hydrating mist with an essential oil, be sure to avoid spraying into the eyes for obvious reasons. It is also advisable to not to use much make up unless needed. The makeup usually closes the pores of the skin and it takes a lot of time for the skin to recover.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/24/2012
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The Benefits Of Hydration For Your Skin. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.