Why You Should Avoid Silicone Skin Products
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Why You Should Avoid Silicone Skin Products

Published at 02/25/2012 20:47:34


Why You Should Avoid Silicone Skin Products

Silicone is widely known as a chemical product, one that is derived, and is also known for its occlusive qualities. This basically means that it works as a thick layer over the skin in order to ensure that the skin retains its level of moisture. Skin silicone and the reason for it being so widely used is that it is known to fill in the gaps. Yes, it is known to work as magic and for covering uneven skin texture. This skin silicone is known, not only for concealing or filling up fine lines, but also for hiding acne scars. You can say skin silicone works and gives the same results as that of a skin concealer.


Why You Should Avoid Silicone Skin Products

Our skin is a membrane working ways of eliminating toxins via perspiration. Silicone has been used in skin products since extensive years in the past, resulting in encapsulation or sensitivity. The skin acts as a natural barrier and seals itself off from the foreign object. Encapsulation is the formation of a fibrous tissue capsule around the alien body.


Why You Should Avoid Silicone Skin Products

The reason why silicone is known to be bad for the skin is due to the fact that silicone tends to sit in the form of a layer right on top of your skin, making sure that it does not allow your skin to breathe! Furthermore, it keeps all the dirt, bacteria and the sebum covered due to its layer. Now as a net result, what happens is that if the skin gets irritated, it results in major breakouts. All the individuals who use silicone skin products often complain about having break outs. Another major reason from abstaining from using silicone products is that if you have an extended usage of silicone based skin products, it will not only result in long term allergic reactions but it will result in your skin becoming overly sensitive as well. This can result in eczema flare-ups plus acne spots are also going to form in increasing amounts. Acne has been proven to react to the usage of silicone based products. Not to forget that if silicone is used in large amounts, it can even result in being toxic. When silicone based products are used on the skin they reduce the skin’s ability to breathe. Thus, as a result, even if you have an acne breakout and you try to use another product to counter its effect, it will fail to do so. This is due to the reason that the specific product cannot penetrate down into the skin because of the layer of silicone spread on it.

Tips and comments

Silicone is found in a wide variety of skin products, so here are a few tips that you can keep in mind. Silicone is widely found not only in moisturizers but also in serums. Another tip when looking out for makeup is to be careful of all the liquid foundations and primers. All those foundations that give you a smooth silky effect contain silicone in them, so it is better to refrain.


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