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How To Choose a Skin Brush For Your Makeup Application


There are some of the steps to apply makeup on your skin. It depends on you; you may skip certain steps or may add more steps to bring glow to your face. You may have more emphasis on certain steps depending on the event. Apply makeup slowly on your face which makes you realize the real effects of the colors and after that dust your face with the skin brush. But make yourself sure that you have not overdone anything. For your makeover the foundation is the primary thing to do on your face. There should be blush, eye-shadow, lipstick, mascara or eye-liner. You may add or subtract some of the steps.

Step 1

Apply facial moisturizer on your face and a lip balm religiously. Do not over do it. Apply more concealer or foundation if required. Now start patting and blending it on your skin smoothly. The foundation should be completely natural, it should not give a specific color to your face like pink, orange, ash etc. Yellow based- foundation is best to use. It should not give pink or orange tone to your face because it does not give natural color to your face. Use sheer liquid foundation if your skin is already good enough.

Step 2

You may use creme foundation for full coverage of your face. To conceal the marks or acne of your face use maximum coverage camouflage concealer on your face and dust it with skin brush, but preferably use yellow tone base for a natural look. Put the foundation under eyelids, eyes and around nostrils and then use skin brush to blend that foundation.

Step 3

Apply powder on the skin to take away the shine or shimmer. Sweep the powder around the face. Use extra powder under the eyes using skin brush; for if any eye-makeup falls.

Step 4

Apply shadows across your eyes. Use a large shadow brush, try to use one shade of shadow for casuals. But if you want to make-over yourself for some occasion then blend of different colours would be a good option. After applying shadow dust your eyes with skin brush using translucent powder on it.

Step 5

Curl the lashes and apply mascara on top of the lashes as well as the bottom. Use spoolie brush for your eye brows. Apply brow pencil on it and then again use spoolie brush to give it an end. Blend your brows well.


Now use Blush on your cheeks. It gives a shape to your cheeks and gives it glow. Apply most probably pink powder on the apples of your cheeks then dust your cheeks with the powder on skin brush and blend all the edges of your cheeks. Now come to the mouth and apply some soft color on lip. Give least definition of your lipline. I would recommend to not using it or if you use it then blend it well with your lipstick. Apply some dusting of powder first. Pinky Beige colour using any lip brush is best colour for any model. A simple change can have a different impact on your face. If you choose more intense color of your lip balm then the impact would be more. Take a look of your face if it needs more then apply that thing accordingly or if it is overdone then brush your face to release your face from more makeup.

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By Ali Javed, published at 03/07/2012
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