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How To Choose Clothes That Compliment Your Skin Color


Clothes that compliment your color skin or skin complexion are not difficult to come by. The choices merely call for you to determine clothes that come in colors that match your skin tone. Fashion styles, designs and colors are numerous. You are therefore guaranteed to find attire that will suit your color skin.

Step 1

Know your skin tone – This is the first approach to choosing clothes that compliment your color skin. You can either be tan, brown, fair, white, yellow or dark. If you have dark skin, deep red, mild pink and summer green are great colors for your complexion. Dark purple and brown are ideal for dark color skin. For a tan skin tone, bright, tropical colors are perfect while fair and white skin tones will look good in brown, blue, red and dark green. People with brown complexions are best in orange and purple. If your color skin is yellow go for white clothes to complement your complexion.

Step 2

Observe the seasons – Summer, autumn, winter and spring will help you choose appropriate clothes for your skin. Summer calls for cool colored clothes, autumn requires warm colors, winter beckons for rich colors and spring is a time for light, fun colors. Once you know your skin tone and the colors that work for each season, you can be able to easily choose clothes that compliment your color skin.

Step 3

Know your body type – The way your body is shaped matters because it influences the way clothes will look on you. As significant as your color skin is, a shapely body will help enhance the overall look. Your body type will fall in one of these categories; apple, pear, hour-glass or column. Apple shaped bodies have long slim legs and a heavy upper body with a large bust and shoulders. If you have a heavy lower body, large legs and back area, then you are pear shaped. Hour-glass shapes are well proportioned while columns have more of a boy looking figure. When you know your body type and color skin, you will have an understanding of what styles and hues work best with your complexion and shape.

Step 4

Bring company when shopping – To choose the most suitable clothes, bring a friend or two along. You can also carry a camera so that you can assess how you look. Try on different outfits to see what brings out your color skin the best. You want to pick something flattering that brings out the natural glow of your skin. Try on different clothing items in various colors. You never know what might work for you in a particular season.

Step 5

Choosing and trying on clothes is especially fun for most ladies. Each season brings new fashions, styles and colors to try out. Even though you know your color skin, do not be afraid to work in different styles and colors that can help bring out your complexion in a different light.


Picking appropriate clothes to bring out your complexion and you will always look radiant and beautiful. It is important to note however that, suitable colors for one season may not necessarily work for another. Therefore, when selecting clothes for your color skin, there are a number of things to take into consideration.


Tips and comments

To have a great look, always wear colors that complement your skin tone.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/02/2012
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How To Choose Clothes That Compliment Your Skin Color. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.