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How To Keep Your Skin Soft Under Your Clothes


It is essential to maintain your skin and keep it soft and supple. Healthy soft skin under your clothes feels fresh and nourished. If you have dry, peeling skin, there are ways to rejuvenate it and get radiant, smooth skin. The winter season can cause skin to lose moisture and get dry. In such instances, skin under clothes feels rough and uncomfortable. Here are a few methods you can utilize to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Step 1

Skin under clothes should always be moisturized – It is important to moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated, especially after taking a shower. Lack of this will leave your skin dry and dehydrated, a resultant cause of water on skin. There are different types of moisturizers to use. You can get for dry, oily or normal skin and you can also get moisturizers that have fragrance and those that don’t. Get a moisturizer that will leave your skin under clothes soft all the time.

Step 2

Hydrate your skin by drinking water – Water is vital for the body because it keeps it hydrated thus normal functioning is facilitated. Water also helps bring out the healthy, smooth look on skin. This is a simple way of maintaining soft skin under clothes and taking care of your body.

Step 3

Skin exfoliation – Exfoliating the skin at least once a week will help retain smooth skin under clothes. Through exfoliation, you get rid of cells that are dead and make room for new cells to form. This results in fresh, youthful looking soft skin under clothes. Exfoliating will also remove dry, rough patches that may form after a period of time. After exfoliating, apply some moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

Step 4

Include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet – Fatty acids present in fish and some plants are vital for your health and, they supplement the skin with oils that help the cells retain water. This keeps the skin under clothes hydrated and healthy. Omega 3 is not present in many foods therefore supplements are available.

Step 5

For supple skin under clothes, use bath oils – Adding some bath oil when taking a bath is a great way to get your skin soft and moisturized. Warm or hot bath water opens up the pores on the skin, which allows for the oil to penetrate and keep the skin moisturized.


Reduce the amount of time you spend on showers and baths – Excessively long showers or baths will dry out your skin. Additionally, really hot water will also cause your skin to dry up fast. Therefore, manage the water so that skin under appropriate temperatures will retain its soft feel.

Invest in a humidifier – The winter season gets really cold and this can actually damage your skin. A humidifier will keep your skin hydrated even as your heating system remains operational. Skin under suitable humidity levels will remain supple.

Skin under clothes needs to be taken care of otherwise clothing can become very uncomfortable. If it’s cold and windy outside, keep your skin covered to shield yourself. Besides keeping your skin warm, covering your skin under clothes will prevent it from damage and drying out.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/02/2012
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