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The Advantages Of a Skin Facial

Published at 03/06/2012 18:54:46


In this age of hectic lifestyles and excessive pollution, a skin facial is a good way to pamper your skin once in a while. The advantages of getting a skin facial are many. Each step in the facial process has its own benefits and is good for your skin in some way and this can be discussed as follows:


First, a professional will determine your skin type when you go in for a skin facial. This is useful because it will help you identify what kinds of products you should use in the future. Also, a skin expert can tell you about other conditions such as damage due to the sun, spots, dehydration etc. This is also a good time to let them know about any problems you have faced with your skin -such as breakouts in a particular season etc.

The next step in a skin facial is steaming. This opens up the mores, making cleansing easier and hydrates it. Next comes scrubbing. Some beauty parlors use an enzyme, to actually dissolve the dead skin etc. This helps to keep the skin fresh, letting it renew itself in a better manner.

The extraction comes next. This is a very important part of a skin facial and one that is very evident too. Professionals now use implements to remove blackheads from your skin. Blackheads are very common on the nose, sometimes, they also occur in the ears too. Blackheads are hardened oil and dead skin bits that block your pores. A skin facial is useful for those suffering blackheads problems, if left in the pores too long, they ooze out and leave marks on the skin.


A skin care facial incorporates the use of a toner. This removes all residue of dead skin, gets rid of bacteria and corrects the PH. Our skin is naturally acidic, while most cleansers are alkaline. The alkaline softens the skin for extractions but if its not corrected, too much hydration can cause problems, such a breakouts.

Next on a skin care routine comes a facial massage. This is good because it stimulates blood flow to your cells, bettering the growth and repair processes in the layer of the cells that is responsible for the same.

Next in a skin care treatment is the application of a face mask. This will soothe your skin, hydrating it, making it soft. It depends on the type of mask that is beneficial for you – some are antiseptic and are for the purpose of keeping infections in control. Others make the skin glow by removing dead cells. There are some others which increases circulation and lighten marks and blemishes.

Tips and comments

A serum is often used next, and that nourishes your skin. Toner follows to close your pores again after which moisturizers, sun block etc. follow. A good skin care expert will also recommend products for you to use and also give you tips about diet and home remedies you can adopt to make your skin better.