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How To Care For the Skin on Your Feet

Published at 03/12/2012 20:57:16


We often neglect to take care of our feet during daily body care schedule. Especially feet are neglected badly compared to eyes and ears and nose as many people do not know the basic things about the feet and how to take care of the skin on your feet. Here are a few basic and very easy steps to be followed to keep your feet healthy these feet are as important as other parts as they carry us around.

Step 1

If you are health freak then you need to care about your feet all the more. you need to keep them happy and healthy all the time, offering them a good pair of shoes and a comfortable treatment for skin on your feet. When we are weary and tired we get tired overall. Think this is high time to take care of the skin on your feet first. It is the most valued asset of your body. You need not spend extra time or money on this. A little care is and awareness is needed that's all.

Step 2

You need to find a comfortable pair of shoes for your feet to protect the skin on your feet. Your feet should feel free to move around. This itself gives a sense of confidence and makes you feel comfortable. 

Step 3

Select a breathable pair of socks. You should also avoid walking in high heeled shoes all the time. You need to alternate them with flat shoes. You can do this while you are at home or doing some simple errands.

Step 4

Apply some lotion or cream on the skin on your feet. Any regular body lotion or cream will serve the purpose. You dont have to just apply, massage your feet with the cream for five to ten minutes at least. Apply the cream as much as needed for the entire area.

Step 5

Sometimes when you are exhausted completely and dont have the energy to massage your feet you can simply keep your feet in lukewarm warm for ten minutes. It is a great soothing solution for your feet. Keep the skin of your feet clean as much as possible. Check often the skin of your feet for skin problems or any other abnormalities. The color of the skin of feet changes if neglected for a long time. The fungus is the most dreaded enemies of feet. Visit a professional instantly to treat it. Try to maintain feet soft and healthy and moist with cream.


The skin on your feet plays a dominant role while wearing foot wear. It should be treated with moisturizer every night. Then your feet will serve to healthily. The skin acts as the outer shield of our body as a whole. So we must treat it with respect and care and in return we get long and healthy service. The market has been flooded with plenty of body creams and lotions. You need to choose which one suits you the best. Actually speaking, flawless skin is a beauty. The whole fashion and entertainment industry depends on glowing and flawless skin. There are hundreds of ways to get one. 

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