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Make Up Tips For Light Skin


Here are some makeup tips to enhance the beauty of fair complexions.

Step 1

First, as the natural light skin tends to look faded, translucent and it is often spotted, you should use a concealer and a light reflecting foundation to smooth the texture and consolidate the appearance of the skin with a loose powder. Never forget about the blush if you want your cheeks to stand out from your pale complexion. Whether you choose powders, creams, tints or shimmers, it doesn't matter as long as you go for natural and bright shades. The brunettes should apply a blush in shades of rose, while the blondes and redheads look prettier with hues of pink and peach.

Another great makeup tip is to decide on a focal point of your face. It can be either your lips, or your eyes. You dont want your eye makeup to compete against your lips because it will ruin your look.

Step 2

If you choose to show off your eyes, consider this tip: wear makeup with colors that complement the nuance of your hair and eyes, of course. The times when we used to game the eyeshadow with the clothes are long forgotten and if you do that you will look cheap. Also, go for pastel eyeshadows during the day and for smoky eyes during a night out with friends. Try the latest whim among the makeup artists which is represented by the silver and gold hues. At the end, dont forget about mascara. Always curl your eyelashes before applying mascara if you want your eyes to look opened and ready for eye-contact. Choose a double mascara if you want double volume on the upper lid. When it comes with the liner, choose a black liquid one to pop your eyes from the light skin.

In case you choose your lips to be the focal point of your makeup, listen to this tip: no one can wear the red or coral lipstick better that those women with light skin. The tanned ones envy you for this, so take the advantage of your pale or milky skin color and wear this bold and extremely feminine shade.

Step 3

Another great tip to make your light skin radiate is to use illuminating powder in the neckline area. This will not only boost your décolletage, but it will refresh your look and hide some possible color difference between the skin on the face and the skin on the neck.

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