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About the Process Of Whitening Your Skin


After a long day of work when you come back home, sit on your comfortable couch and turn on the television, you see beautiful people with clear skin. You dream about having such a clear and glowing complexion. It is not just the celebrities who make you wish for white and beautiful skin. Even in your workplace you see many people having lovely skin. How do those people have and maintain beautiful glowing skin? There is various skin whitening products that have been proven to lighten your skin tone and maintain that glow. Diverse types of skin complexion exist; from fair, pale, yellow, brown, dark to black. Due to the growing focus on how beautiful one is, everyone wants to be attractive. Progress in cosmetic surgery has resulted in various skin whitening techniques. Through science, we know that complexion is a result of one’s genetic type, and it varies due to one's exposure to sunlight.


During the times when no research had started in this field, people, especially women, wanted to have fair complexions. They used to whiten their skin through old herbal methods using different herbs, vegetables or dairy products. The techniques would work but quite gradually. These old techniques caused no harm to the skin and had no side effects hence their use was on a wide scale. As research in cosmetics progressed, various ways were developed to whiten skin almost instantly. People shifted to these techniques despite the side effects these methods had.


The best way to maintain a clear complexion is to not expose your skin to sunlight. However, many women, even men nowadays, feel that it is not enough. For such people science has developed skin whitening treatments such as Cryosurgery, which makes your skin regenerate naturally, removing melanin by bringing it to the surface and thus whitening your skin. However, there is a huge population that would not want to spend money on cryosurgery. For those people, many different whitening creams, bleaches and other products are available. These products work, but many people complain of having rashes on the parts of skin where they used these products. Even now many people find the homemade skin whitening techniques to be the most useful. Not only, these techniques are economical; they are harmless and prove to be successful. Potato juice works like a magic. Blend hundred grams of peeled potato with four tablespoons of milk powder, two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of almond oil. Refrigerate it for fifteen minutes and then apply on your skin daily for fifteen minutes to have fair skin. The process of skin whitening works by de-pigmenting the highly pigmented skin.

Tips and comments

The essential to a perfect and untarnished skin, is a healthy diet. Eat healthy food and wash your face regularly. Do not expose your skin to sunlight in order to prevent damaging your skin through pigmentations. Avoid skin whitening treatments when you can achieve fair skin at your home with various easy methods and maintain that complexion with a healthy diet. Feel confident with your healthy and glowing skin.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/12/2012
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