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About Skin Product Design

Published at 03/12/2012 21:38:50


Every man and every woman has a different type of skin. Some have oily skin, some have dry and some have wrinkles. In order to maintain their beauty, they use different skin care products. These products are present in a large number; this is because of different skin types. There are a number of products that are for reducing oil from the skin and anti-aging products which remove the wrinkles from the skin and make you look younger. But, there are different products for sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin care is not something that can be administered with just any kind of products. It does not really matter if you’re a male or a female. As your age increases, your skin faces the same changes such as collagen and elastin.


About Skin Product Design

These skin products come in different colors, different packaging and different designs. Design skin products come in various colors. Design skin products for men are in darker colors. Products like Axe, Garnier for Men, Vaseline, Ferrari, etc., come in dark colors. On the other hand, design skin products for women are usually in pink and white shades. Skin care products can also be termed as cosmetics. These design skin products or cosmetics enhance the appearance of the human skin. The skin care products design for women is usually in tubes and is thin in width. This is for the ease of the women in society. The head of the tubes easily open and the tube is pressed from the bottom just like toothpaste.


More over, all of these products are basically designed for the ease of the user. And mostly, they are made in plastic packaging so that even if the user drops their product on the ground, it doesn’t break and spill out. Other than the brand itself, they hand their products to different design companies that design the packing of the product accordingly while looking at the demand of society. Not only does the body of the product have to be designed, but the logo also has to been taken care of. The logo should be placed in such a position that it catches the user’s eye. If the design is appropriate with an eye catchy logo the user will grab it and buy it for sure.

Tips and comments

Design skin products are available in different quantities per volume, various ranges of colors, different types for different skins and with different design concepts. Some come in tubes, some are in metallic tins and some are in plastic tubes. All of these designs depend upon the demand of the people. Different areas have differently designed products according to the people while the brand is still the same. Design skin products have ingredients that may provide not to be harmful but useful for the skin and they can turn out to give a calming effect. But all of this depends upon the nature of the skin. While designing the product’s body safety issues are also taken care of. They aren’t made to be sharp or to be easily broken.