How To Heal My Skin After Shaving
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How To Heal My Skin After Shaving

Published at 03/13/2012 20:54:26


How To Heal My Skin After Shaving

Who doesn’t like that silky, smooth, clean shaven skin? Unfortunately, a problem both men and women face is that once shaved, the skin one may have spent an hour over may produce unsightly rashes, burns and those ugly red bumps that will force a grimace and an “Oh my” from everyone who catches a glimpse of your other-wise unmarred face- or legs. So if your question is “How do I heal my skin after shaving?” then we will do our best to help you out.

Step 1

So, you cut yourself. You’re bleeding. The next question would be – actually should be-“How do I stop my wound from bleeding?” Try an anti -biotic like bacitracin or Neosporin. They eliminate bacteria and keep the cut area of your skin moist- thus promoting healing. If the bleeding persists, you should be worried- not too much, just enough to call up a doctor and ask for their opinion. And well, there are hotlines for a reason.

Step 2

“I don’t want scars on my skin.” Then you’d better act now rather than after the wound has scabbed. We’d recommend moisturizing with heavily moisturizing products like Vaseline. This boost in moisture will prevent scabbing and drastically reduce chances of scarring. Remember, those hard scabs result in scarring, so better to eliminate them now when you can- or at least reduce chances of them causing any serious scars later.

Step 3

“Why are do I treat razor burns on my skin?” Try combing aspirin, distilled water, and glycerin- a little experimentation might be needed at the start to figure out the proportions, but you’ll find that the results work well on just about any area you shave.

Step 4

“I’d rather not risk my skin with home remedies I’m not familiar with.” While home remedies that are obviously free of chemicals are preferred by many, we can understand why playing “let’s have fun with science!” and messing around with glycerin and Vaseline –or just plain messing around- might not be every ones cup of tea. Besides, it might be for the best to not further expose the irritated or punctured skin to further mishaps.

Step 5

In case there is persistent irritation or rashes, ask your doctor for advice on Anti-biotic medicines you can use. Neosporin and Bacitracin are the most recommended ones, but still, better safe than sorry, right? “My skin will never be the same again!” don’t exclaim and instead go to a dermatologist.


How To Heal My Skin After Shaving

“Why are there red bumps on my skin?” Do you shave? Let us restate that- do you use shaving cream and shaving gel? In that case, check with a skin specialist/dermatologist because those unsightly bumps can be simple razor burns- irritated skin- or they can be signs that something worse is a brewing. We’re not kidding, those little red bumps could be signs of folliculitis or pseudo-folliculitis caused by the toxic chemicals that the most used gels and household (brand) names contain. That brings us to our last point, and here we must stress. Whenever you have any questions about that contain the words “my skin”- and we’re serious here- call a professional. Check with your family doctor, book an appointment, do what you need to and don’t feel shy or brush it off as nothing. Those five minutes in the doctor’s office might save you thousands in surgery later on. The internet is an amazing source of knowledge, but nothing beats the professionals- as much as we loathe to admit it.

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