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How To Keep Skin And Nails Healthy

Published at 03/13/2012 20:34:44


Everyone who is born in this world lives their quota of life. But mere living does not help any person. The secret to a happy life is to live healthy enough, so that one would have a chance to make his desires come true. It needs a bit of care and effort for anyone to lead a healthy life. Though it is important to maintain our inner health, it is the outer health that needs more focus. Outer health in the sense, we need to maintain the cleanliness of our body. The first thing that catches the eye of any person is the way we present ourselves to the outside world. So one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered when it comes to maintaining our health, is to ensure the cleanliness of skin nails.

Step 1

The history of skin nails care, dates back over 5000 years. Right from the early days humans have realized the importance of keeping themselves clean and tidy. Though the ancient people did not have the current day technologies, they were so talented to invent new ideas that had a greater impact on their life style. They had specialists in different fields, and they came up with different ideas for skin nails treatment. One such method that is famous till the present day is called manicure. Using this method people were able to shape or polish their nails which helped them in providing a beautiful look to their nails.

Step 2

Although these kinds of skin nails treatment were initiated in order to maintain one’s beauty, the current day technological advancements have given them a different shape. These methods are currently being used to maintain the health of the skin nails, in addition to adding up to their beauty.

Step 3

There are various treatment methods that available today, when it comes to maintaining one’s skin nails.
• Wax treatments: Wax treatments are being preferred by many people, to soften their skin. Normally, a paraffin wax is used for this treatment. The person who is getting treated will be allowed to keep his/ her hand inside a container filled with warm paraffin wax. After sometime the hands are taken out and covered with some kind of plastic material so that the warmth remains for some time. When the wax is cooled and removed, the skin becomes soft and shiny. This is one of the most preferred techniques to maintain one’s skin nails.

Step 4

• Oil treatment: These treatments are normally called as the hot oil manicure. Human nails have a protective layer at their bottom known as cuticles. This oil treatment helps in cleaning the cuticles and contributes in the maintenance of healthy skin nails.

Step 5

• Cut nails regularly to make sure that the dirt particles does not get deposited behind the nails.
• Get the skin treated with oil or wax treatments that include natural and chemical free products, so that they do not induce any side effects.


• Get the hands washed thoroughly after a travel, since unseen dust particles would have got deposited over the skin.
• Keep yourself clean, as it has a greater impact in creating a good impression among others and would play an important role in gaining their respect.



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