How To Clean Oil From Your Skin
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How To Clean Oil From Your Skin

Published at 03/14/2012 17:44:55


How To Clean Oil From Your Skin

No matter what sort of a climate you are living in, your skin tends to become oily. In this article you will be given tips on how to clean out skin oil and various techniques related to removing impurities caused by skin oil.

Step 1

You can use a variety of skin masks to decrease skin oil. Effective masks range from clay masks to citrus or other fruit masks. Nevertheless, mud masks greatly reduce the greasiness of your skin and leave you feeling refreshed. Citrus masks are useful in the respect that they draw out the oil from your skin which ensures that you will have a lesser amount of oil in your skin.

Step 2

While cleansing yourself of skin oil, it is important to note that using oil is beneficial in this regard. We have always heard that keeping your skin fresh requires stripping the skin of all oil traces. We are unaware of the fact that when the skin is divested of its natural oil it overcompensates by producing excessive oil. Interestingly, external oil can be employed to rid your skin of natural oil. The oil produced by your skin solidifies with impurities such as blackheads. Using other sources of oil helps dissolve this impure oil. 

Step 3

A mixture comprising castor oil and sunflower oil can be used. The ratio can be adjusted according to your skin type. There are a few steps involved in this method: First of all, pour a minute amount of oil into your hand, then massage your face with it. You should take your time and massage thoroughly. Once you have finished with the massaging, dip a washcloth in hot water which should be clean. After dipping the washcloth, place it over your face and keep it there for a few minutes until you feel your pores opening and the cloth cools down. Use the cloth to wipe your face clean. Repeat this step two or three times to ensure maximum results. Then wipe with a clean cloth, if your skin feels tight pour a drop of oil onto your palm and massage into your skin.

Step 4

Other preventive measures can be taken with respect to skin oil. The easiest thing to do is wash your face frequently. You can also invest in some oil absorbing paper which is easily available from drugstores. It is also important to apply powder to your face as this will help to absorb any oil.

Step 5

There are some things which need to be kept in mind while discussing skin oil. Whenever you are about to massage your skin, ensure that your hands are clean. Do not use any products designed for dry skin as this will just make the problem worse and always use clean sponges and makeup brushes when applying or removing makeup. Additionally, do not use too much makeup as this will just increase the oiliness of your skin.


How To Clean Oil From Your Skin

If you use the oil massage regularly, try stay away from the aforementioned products and take the precautionary steps your skin oil should be reduced in a number of days.

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