About Blue Discoloration Of the Skin
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About Blue Discoloration Of the Skin

Published at 03/15/2012 21:37:02


About Blue Discoloration Of the Skin

Blue discoloration of the skin is also known as Cyanosis and is considered a disease in which the color of the skin appears to be turning a blue or purple color. The cause for blue skin is the lack of oxygen in the tissues near the skin surface. These tissues face low oxygen conditions, and the color of the skin starts to change. This blue skin can be a dangerous condition for any individual. There are smaller signs at first like turning of the lips or finger's blue, if you note any of these, then you must seek medical attention as Cyanosis can lead to serious circulatory failure.


The name cyanosis literally means ‘the blue disease’ or ‘the blue condition’. It comes from the word cyan which is used for blue in Greek language. Human blood has always been in the shade of red color, more the amount of oxygen in the blood the darker this shade gets. The more the blood lacks for oxygen the dark the red gets in blood vessels and more bluish appears on the skin. This change of color in the skin can occur due to many reasons some of them being arterial obstruction, cold exposure, reduced cardiac output, venous obstruction, etc.


The treatment for blue skin depends upon the reason it first struck from, like exposure to cold then the person is recommended to move to a well heated, warm environment and putting on warm clothes is quite often effective in resolving cyanosis. But if this blue skin was caused due to lack of oxygen then supplemental oxygen is often administered to help increase the blood oxygen saturation levels. It is recommended to walk often and grab some fresh air early in the morning which will affect the oxygen level of your body and not only this blue skin will heal, but also other problems in your body will start to vanish if you go for walks in early in the morning.

Tips and comments

For the diagnosis of blue skin, it largely depends upon his/her or her subjective analysis, as well as fact the appearance of natural skin pigment is often greatly influenced by the room lighting conditions and detection of cyanosis based on clinical observations often results in false positives, which means that the patients erroneously diagnosed to have cyanosis even though their oxygen levels are normal in the body. Similarly, patients may also have results false negative, which means that the machine failed to diagnose cyanosis in spite of low blood oxygen saturation levels. But for the cure of this skin disease, there are skin products available from the drug stores or other markets which have oxygen in them, if applied in the suggested quantity it will heal your skin in the given time from the company behind the product, but these products also appear to have side effects. For example, if your skin color problem has been dealt with, then some other problem with the skin can appear to arise, like itchy skin or rashes. It all depends upon the nature of the skin and if the product appears to suit your skin or not.