When Should You See An Md About Your Skin
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When Should You See An Md About Your Skin

Published at 03/16/2012 12:21:24


When Should You See An Md About Your Skin

Having a perfect skin is something most of us long for and hardly ever seem to achieve. The ultimate dream every woman has is of a smooth, clear and blemish free skin that is youthful and free of imperfections, something that has only helped the multibillion cosmetic industry rake in money by the truckload each year, while that dream remains just that; a dream.


The average woman has a number of issues with the appearance of her skin, and from acne scars to moles and freckles to more serious concerns such psoriasis or eczema troubles, there are very few who can boast of a skin that is absolutely flawless. Although skin troubles are something that most normal women face throughout their lifetimes, what with the changing weather and the changes brought within our own bodies due to aging and changing hormones, the fact remains that in today’s society the ideals of beauty have changed drastically. The media today promoted heavily made up woman as the paragon of all that is beautiful and the average woman who is already troubled with a million other problems with her appearance is forced to become even more self conscious of her troubles. The image of the perfect woman that the media has forced us to look up to today is someone like one of those fake Kardashians, with their pore less, perfectly suntanned plastic skins, which have been achieved by visits to a skin MD for regular chemical procedures and are kept up with the regular use of extremely high end skin care and cosmetic items which the normal woman can never afford.


Not only are these ideals dangerous for young girls, they also make young and middle aged women self conscious and there are so many women out there today spending every penny they have on useless cosmetic procedures and visits to their skin MD. While visiting a skin MD to get help for a particularly stubborn acne breakout or psoriasis troubles make sense, visiting one because you think the cellulite on your thighs or the stretch marks on your belly makes you look ugly is just plain pointless. It is crucial to remember that these things are a natural part of growing up and going through life and while genes have made some people more susceptible to them while shielding some, in no way should do they lessen or decrease your sense of pride about your body. A visit to a skin MD for specialized skin care treatment such as the removal of an unsightly scar or burn mark may make sense, but visiting a skin MD just because you have laugh lines around your mouth will just be waste of money and your own resources.

Tips and comments

For most women, obvious skin ailments such as excessively dry or dull skin usually results from a lack of proper nutritional intake and if you think your skin is lackluster or has discoloration, first of all start taking care of what you eat. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, eat at least 3 servings of vegetables and fruit every day and try to limit your intake of fried and baked things. Make sure you maintain a regular skin care routine using skincare items which use ingredients such as collagen, elastin and emollients such as vitamin E, which will increase the health of your skin and at the same time save you a lot of money you would otherwise have to pay for visits to your skin MD.