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How To Effectively Care For Combination Skin


Combination skin has remained a mystery for many people. It is hard to identify skin combination and even harder to treat combination skin. It comes about when two or more different skin types occur on your face at the same time. This happens when some parts of your face become dry and turn flaky in comparison with the central part of your face like your chin, nose and forehead which remains oily. Combination skin is also descriptive of a condition when wrinkles and breakouts and dry skin are present simultaneously.

Many factors contribute to combination skin. Most of the time, it is triggered by genetic factors. The T-Zone or the central part of the face has active oil glands than the other areas of the face. That is why, such combinations occur. Other factors may be the skin care products you use. Some products that contain aggressive ingredients may stimulate oil production in the central portion and create more dry skin and redness on the rest of the face.

Step 1

Pomegranate has been known for its medicinal and beauty benefits since ancient times. Even modern scientific studies have shown that this fruit has many health benefits with its juicy arils.

Pomegranate oil works for combination skin as it controls breakouts, reduces scarring and soothes the flaky portions of the skin.

It has been determined that skin combination is a result of what a person eats and drinks. It depends on the stress levels and lifestyle such as smoking or alcohol and drug abuse. It will also depend on the amount of sleep you can get in a night. Genetic factors also help shape a person’s skin type.

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You can effectively care for combination skin by adopting these approaches:

 Cleansing – You should cleanse the different parts of your skin gently. If you are not gentle while cleaning, you are going to irritate your skin further and create more problems like breakouts for yourself. You should use a cleanser with salicylic acid to clean your skin effectively. This will help control the oil generation while it hydrates your skin.

Step 3

 Sunscreen Lotions – You can use these lotions on combination skin. To avoid breaking out in the oily zones, you have to use a sunscreen lotion that is non-comedogenic. The lotion has to be light. Do not use thick and heavy creams.

Step 4

 Moisturizers – They are important for your skin even when you have oily patches. Try to use one kind of moisturizer to your dry areas and another type to your oily areas. Do not allow thick moisturizers to clog your pores. Go for non-comedogenic moisturizers.

Step 5

 Facial Masks – You can try and use a facial mask once a fortnight as it will help exfoliate the skin and make it healthier.


The amount of oil that your skin produces is directly responsible for skin combination. This will determine whether you have an oily and dry combination on different parts of your face at the same time. The sebaceous or oil glands will produce more oil when you are young and this will reduce as you grow older. Most people tend to be somewhere in the middle with a combination skin type.

If you look around you nowadays, these skin type cases have gone up to such an extent that they are being considered common. Treatment for a combination skin type requires good use of water-based products like cleansers, toners and moisturizers to give your skin regular exfoliation to prevent breakouts and control the combination of dry and oily areas on your skin.

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