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The Best Skin Cream For the Face

Published at 03/27/2012 23:31:31


The most important part of a daily face skin care regimen is the face skin cream. It not only enhances the beauty of the skin, but it also protects it from the damaging environmental factors like sun and pollution and keeps it healthy. As we see on TV commercials or on the shelves of every beauty shop, the range of face skin cream is extremely wide. There are creams for every age and for every type of skin. Moreover, this wide range of products is multiplied by the numerous brands offering them. So, with such a variety of creams and especially when all the manufacturers claim their products are the most efficient, finding the best face skin cream isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. If you want to be sure your money is well spent on the right product, take into account the following advices.


Firstly, the best face skin cream is the one which responds to the needs and problems of your complexion. If you have an oily skin, the best creams for you are those with a lightweight consistency like water-based creams. In case your skin is too dry, you have to go for a face skin cream based on mineral oils which enters the skin and moisturizes it deeply. For sensitive types of skin, 100% natural products are recommended because otherwise skin irritations and allergies are likely to occur.

Secondly, the best face skin cream is not the most promoted one or the most expensive one. If you read the label of a cheap product and then the label of a pricey one or of a promoted one, you will notice that the ingredients are often the same. So, unless the product seen on TV has a patented formula, do not be fooled by its commercial which promises you everything because it is very likely to find a similar product at a better price if you search a little bit on the shelves of a beauty shop.


Thirdly, all dermatologists encourage us to use a face skin cream based on natural ingredients. Look for compounds like chamomile, aloe Vera, green tea or jojoba oil. These ingredients will provide your skin with nutrients needed for cell regeneration and for proper working sebaceous glands. Avoid products which smell very good and are very colored because these contain chemical compounds that are toxic and for the long term can deteriorate the skin’s cells.

Finally, a face skin cream without at least SPF-15 is almost useless. Although we probably don’t feel or see, the sun rays are so damaging that can annul all the nourishing proprieties of a regular face skin cream. So, no matter if it is winter season or summer season, don’t buy a cream without solar protection factor.

Tips and comments

In conclusion, the best face skin cream is not the most expensive one, nor the most promoted one or the most colored, but the one which suits your skin needs, the one which contains natural ingredients and has at least SPF-15.


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