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Designer Skin Products That Reduce the Appearance Of Wrinkles

Published at 03/26/2012 20:56:14


A lot of the beauty that we see in movies and on TV is created and helped by the use of cosmetics. Even the TV personalities who cover topics such as news and analysis will have had some makeup applied before appearing before the camera. For movie stars and fashion models it is of course very important to look the best that they can and many use designer skin products. Designer skin products are those cosmetics which are not readily available at your local convenience store or supermarket. Many of the designer skin products require an expert to apply the product correctly. The other thing that separates most designer skin products from what could be called ‘regular skin products’ is the cost difference.


Designer skin products are made from more rare ingredients and give a much better result which leads them to be more expensive. In the old days the beauty secrets of the movie stars and socialites were in the reach of only those who could afford them. But now as more and more image conscious people have wanted to look like the people they see on the big screen the market for designer skin products has become bigger and these products can now be bought more easily.


One of the designer skin products which have become very popular are skin bronzer which are also known as temporary bronzers. Temporary bronzers are usually lotions which are applied to the skin to create the appearance of a tan. Skin bronzers are also sold in gels, sprays and powder forms. The skin bronzer can be removed in the same way that makeup is removed with soap and water. Skin bronzers became popular after the late 1960s when it was discovered that tanning beds caused skin cancer. The only problem with bronzers is that they can be rubbed off for example where clothing touches the body and so there is an uneven effect of the bronzer. Some of the more advanced designer skin products produce the tan effect gradually over several days so that it does not become obvious to others that one has used a skin bronzer.

Tips and comments

The first step in choosing a designer skin bronzer is that you must decide what level of tanning you would like. Bronzers come in various shades and it is important to choose a shade of which will look natural on your skin. Before applying the skin bronzer a small amount of powder needs to be applied to skin which acts as a base onto which the skin bronzer will be applied. When applying the bronzer make sure that there are no streaks left across your face and that it applied evenly. Many of the best designer skin products not only give your skin a slightly tanned appearance but also help reduce wrinkles. The best skin products for the facial area should be fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Sometimes the fragrance in the product can cause a skin reaction. Strong antioxidants are used in many of the best products which help reduce the aging effect.