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How To Choose Makeup To Match Your Skin Color


They say that it is a natural thing for a woman to want to look beautiful and to achieve that goal, applying makeup is the answer. The makeup, if done in the right way and with the right products, can enhance your beauty. On the other hand if there is poor knowledge on how to apply makeup getting, it will surely kill your natural beauty. Nothing is more hideous that seeing a woman wearing a purple eye shadow matched with a dark red lipstick! And so it is very important to pick a make up that compliments you and your complexion the in the best way. Whenever you are out to buy some makeup products make sure you get them according to your skin color. To let you know how you can pick the best makeup to match your skin, we have collected here some tips that you will find helpful.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to determine your skin tone. For this you need two pieces of fabric, one in silver and other in golden color. Then get into the proper light and then pick each cloth to your face one by one.

Step 2

If the golden one makes you look vibrant while the silver one fades away your face then you has a very warm skin tone and if the opposite goes right with your skin then your skin tone is a cooler one. If you look radiant in both the colors than you are a very lucky person for owing a neutral tone. Now that you are done with the determination of the skin color, you can move to the next step which is picking the color of foundation according to the skin.

Step 3

If you have the warmer skin color then go from the foundations such as copper, yellow and honey and if you have the cooler skin color than you need to pick from pink tint, rose or ivory color foundations, the one nearest to your complexion. The same way you will have to make choices in the eye shadows, lipsticks and blush colors.

Step 4

The darker or warmer ones go best for the warm skin color while the lighter and cooler ones go well to compliment the cooler skin tones. Moving on the same track, you should pick the color for the nail polishes as you picked the rest of the makeup. Always remember that you should pick the best color that matches your skin tone. You may be attracted to one shade of color because of its beauty but if it doesn’t compliment your skin, it would be for nothing.

Step 5

Apart from all these tips you can also go look at the packaging of the makeup product that you are buying because there is a very good description on the pack too for those who are clueless on which makeup shades that suit them the most.


If in the similar way you start picking the colors in clothes that best suit your complexion, your whole look will turn to a stunningly elegant person as the right choice is a vital thing in looking for the perfect makeup set.

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