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Recommended Products For Oily Skin


We are taught to love our own self and accept who we are despite the flaws. But being born with an oily skin can be very hard to deal with especially if you want to look fresh for the whole day. Having an oily skin also causes pimples and acnes that will prevent you from having a flawless skin. Facial experts know your concerns and created products for oily skin. These products will help you stay fresh and oil free. To start looking and feeling better, here are the recommended products for you.


Products for oily skin are available in different beauty stores. There are facial wash for oily skin, soap for oily skin and even powder for oily skin. But to stay fresh and oil free you have to know the proper products to use and proper way to use them. We will start with facial products. To stay fresh and oil free, wash your face with a hot water and gentle facial cleanser for oily skin. Perform this twice a day only. Washing your face more than this number will make it dry. Using alcohol free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic facial cleanser and hot water will remove the oil from your face and prevent your facial pores from clogging. Facial cleansers that contain alcohol and bar soaps should be avoided. These products will dry up your skin. If your skin becomes oily in the middle of the day, be sure to have an oil control film in hand. Pat your face with the oil control film until the oil is removed from your face. This is only a temporary solution for oily skin.


You can also apply water base moisturizer. At the end of the day, use a facial mask like clay masks to remove excess oil and dirt from your face. You can perform it twice a week for better results. For your body, you can use oil control lotion products to control the excess oil in your skin.. With the oil control lotion it will provide sunscreen protection and keep your skin moisturized. Products with strong chemical content will make your face excrete oil to protect your skin from its harmful effects. Products with low PH values and those that have salicylic acid and glycolic acid contents are advisable for oily skin. Use makeup that is water based to avoid clogging your pores. Oil base make up will just add up to the oiliness of your skin. Following all this will keep your skin oil free for the rest of the day.

Tips and comments

All these products are made for oily skin. There are different brands of these products in the market. To determine if they are really for oily skin, check the content written at the back of each product and check if it has low PH, is water based, contains salicylic and glycolic acid. If all of these are present in the product, you are assured to have an oil-free day. You can also help yourself be oil free by eating a balanced diet, drinking eight to ten glasses per day, having eight hours of sleep and live a healthy life. Eating fruits and vegetables helps your body control the oil that it excretes. It also helps moisturize your skin. Drinking water prevents your skin from drying up and having enough sleep will prevent you from having pimples, acnes and wrinkles. Following all these things and using the right products will definitely give you the healthiest and the most flawless skin you have ever wanted.

By stephen cunanan, published at 04/01/2012
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