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5 Tips For Caring For Dry Skin


Dry skin is characterized by dull, flaky, cracked, and rough appearance. It is often seen in the body particularly, hands, arms, abdomen, thigh and legs. Even the feet can have dry skin which causes athlete’s foot. Having a dry skin is a choice. You can prevent it and you make your skin healthier. By following these five simple tips for caring for dry skin, you will be able to prevent your skin from becoming dull and lifeless.

Step 1

Dry skin can be easily remedied by following these five steps: First takes a bath daily especially during the hot season. Taking a bath provides your body with water to keep it hydrated. But there are also other guidelines in taking a bath. The shorter time you spend in the bathroom taking a bath the better. If you spend more than 10 minutes after taking a bath, your skin loses its moisture and becomes dry. Limit washing your face to twice a day, cleaning your face more than this will cause dryness. Using warm water is also advisable. Hot water causes dryness since it removes the natural oil that is used to moisturize your skin.

Step 2

Second, use hypoallergenic, mild soap for dry skin. Avoid soaps that contain alcohol. Alcohol and soap with added fragrance is too strong and takes off all the moisture in your skin. Be sure to rinse all the soap and facial cleanser thoroughly. The soap residues can add to the dryness of your skin. And when drying off, avoid rubbing your towel on your skin. This irritates the skin causing to dry more. It is best to pat your skin dry.

Step 3

Use moisturizers for dry skin, lotions for dry skin, lip balm and sunscreen for dry skin. Be sure all these products are also alcohol free. These products protect your skin from the heat of the sun. They keep your skin hydrated by preventing it from evaporating due to the heat of the sun. Fourth, wear the right clothes. Use gloves during cold seasons to protect your skin from cold. Cold weather absorbs the moisture in your skin making it dry and eventually cracks. Washing clothes with rough materials can also be harmful to your skin. When rubbed with your skin, it causes friction and makes your skin drier. Lastly, eat the right kinds of food and proper exercise. Eating fruits and vegetables that is rich in vitamins and minerals will keep your skin hydrated. Exercise helps distribute the nutrients from the food you eat to your skin. It also allows better circulation of oxygen which contributes in making your skin healthy.


Take regular short bath, use hypoallergenic, alcohol-free soaps, moisturize your skin, wear proper clothes and have a healthy lifestyle. Following all these five tips for caring for dry skin will make your skin healthy in a short period of time. As you strictly follow these steps, it becomes a habit and eventually you will not be thinking about your dry skin problems. Your skin is your protection from anything that is harmful for your health. To stay healthy, have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a healthy skin.

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