Problems With the Skin on Your Head
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Problems With the Skin on Your Head

Published at 03/31/2012 01:47:31


Problems With the Skin on Your Head

There are several distinguishable problems that one might face on their head skin. These problems differ in types and severity depending upon the age bracket the person belongs to. Usually older people face more serious conditions and younger people can suffer if they have an unlikely disease. These problems can be rather irritating and horrifying because everyone associates beauty regardless of gender. Moreover, one would look rather funny and would be emotionally depressed if due to head skin problems he or she was bald completely or in various spots.


Head skin problems are as old as time itself. People faced common conditions like dandruff, head lice and hair fall and even put names to these problems. The remedies were based upon natural sources from trees, plants and fruits too in some cases. Their extracts and oils were put to good use. Some conditions that were severe and not curable back then were more or less the same. However, their symptoms were lessened due to the use of natural products which were suited for the use. Baldness was a notorious problem and people never made a considerable effort to grow hair back. Women paid a great deal of attention to their hair and frequently applied oils and brushed them to maintain their health as they were indeed a symbol of beauty.


Painful blisters, sores and bumps are usually a rather difficult scalp condition and head skin problem. Cysts, chicken pox, acne and dermatitis can all be probable causes of these sores or blisters. Cysts can usually become infected and pus filled acne is usually very painful. They might burst when you’re asleep or if you run a brush through your hair. Allergic skin reaction and infection in the hair follicles might also cause head skin problems. Skin cancer is really important problem which many people tend to overlook. It mostly occurs on the scalp where areas are not fully covered by the hair. In some cases it might emerge as a normal growth or mole which doesn’t seem suspicious, therefore getting a checkup is always essential. Other common head skin problems are mostly experienced by everyone at a certain point in their life. Dandruff is an annoying shedding of dead skin in the form of white flakes that are itchy and make your clothes rather unsightly. Using a good shampoo and incorporating more protein in your diet can be beneficial for this condition. Side effects of cancer especially chemotherapy might lead to complete loss of air in sufferers. Hair lice are also a common occurrence especially in children and adults with dirty and unwashed hair. Certain injuries which might cause damages to hair shaft can be a cause of partial hair loss or balding as well.

Tips and comments

Whereas, some conditions have cures and solutions, some just don’t. In those cases usually it’s common for patients to resort to nutritional healing or wearing of wigs simply. Some head skin problems can be a result of ageing, where men mostly tend to become bald. This condition is being carried off as a style statement rather than an unsightly problem.


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