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How To Create a Skin Guard Using Lotions And Clothing


With the globe taking its course around the sun, there are several changes that a man faces due to its effects showing their true nature through the four different seasons and various other ordinary activities. In such situations, it becomes highly important for us to have a skin guard to protect our skin from every harmful ingredient that nature has to offer. Especially for those who are highly skin conscious, most of the times artificial means, i.e. beauty treatment plans, creams and lotions also prove to be extremely suitable. Therefore, a secure guard is required in order to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Step 1

Taking the first step ahead in the sun, you can guard your skin with sunscreen lotions and body oils, which protect your skin against ultra UV rays and help you provide extra minerals. A large variety of companies offered an extensive range of these lotions varying from one factor to another such as your skin type, skin suitability and time period of the lotions’ usage among many others.

Step 2

Another best skin guard solution against mosquitoes can be mosquito’s repellent lotions that are also widely available in the market launched by local as well as international brand companies. This useful lotion especially comes in handy when you are travelling to a place that you do not know. In such places along with your own hometown, these mosquitos’ repellents can be highly useful.

Step 3

If you have a sensitive skin that is prone to allergy, yuo can always look up for anti allergic lotions to apply on your skin in order to guard it against the bacteria that can affect your skin in a way that it completely ruins it. As a result, you can choose a lotion that has ingredients which cannot possibly harm your skin in any way.

Step 4

Moving on to more save ideas which include your clothing as your knight in a shining armour, a scarf proves to be highly beneficial when it comes to going out in the sun. To have your head and skin, you can roll around any scarf around your head and give yourself some protection along with style. Teaming up with a pair of trendy shades, this chic guard can carry the ultimate street smart look that goes with any absolutely any clothing style to go with it.

Step 5

When talking about skin and clothing, how can possibly forget our hoods attached to a large variety of our clothing which guard us in the rain, sun and any other possible thing that can ever bother you or your skin. This hood can be easily found in clothing such as jackets, tops, sweaters, jumpsuits and even dresses now.


Measures other than clothing and solutions regarding lotions also come in a large variety. For example, umbrellas can prove to be your best friends and guard in your rainy days as well as the sunny days. Moreover, you local as well international store chain are loaded with products supporting these helpful ideas for you to guard your skin against anything that can prove to be harmful for your skin.

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