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The Symptoms And Causes Of Blue Skin


Blue skin disease is when a person’s skin turns blue or bluish-grey. This condition is also known as argyria. It is a very rare disease and most of the people don’t know about it. This disease is common among people who work in factories and are exposed to such chemicals and to those who take colloidal silver supplements. These workers if by mistake inhale the chemicals suffer from argyria or blue skin. The level or of silver and the amount of exposure is unknown, whether a sniff can cause it or a large quantity is the reason. However, it is sure that it happens when someone takes a huge amount of it.

Doctors are well aware of this disease blue skin since the early of the 20th century. It has been proved that silver mounts up in the body of animals and humans over time. This disease occurs to people who expose themselves to silver.


This disease, blue skin, is caused when a person is exposed improperly to silver, silver dust or silver compounds in their chemical forms. It has been avoided in the medical practice in medicines. The symptoms of these disease is change of color, you will feel certain skin problems. You will find stains in your gums which will gradually expose to hands, forehead and other arts of your skin that are exposed to sun. You will also find respiratory problems and blood problems. If you go for treatment of your blue skin they will first ask you to put an end to your exposure to silver and silver compounds. Also, if you are taking dosage of silver colloidal you will have to stop it. If your medicine has silver and it has been recommended by doctor then it will not cause blue skin as silver is absorbed and digested in a matter of minutes and so has not harmful effect. Also, even if stays in your system it will automatically b excreted in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand if you have taken a dosage of colloidal silver you don’t need to worry as if you will not turn blue in a night. It would be better if you consult a doctor. Another symptom you will find is cyanosis in which the skin turns blue due to lack of oxygen in blood. We know the causes of this disease, people who take medicines with silver colloidal in them and who work in mines, factories and do not take precautionary measures to keep themselves safe from the silver. Another cause of this horrible disease is the consumption of silver products at home. The silver sutures used during the dental surgery are also of the cause of blue skin disease. So exposure and ingestion of silver in any form is harmful to your health. Also, blue skin has no such treatment except that the patients are asked to wear sunblock whenever they gout or skin surgery is another treatment but it does not heal you completely.

Tips and comments

Blue skin disease is a harmful disease and one should do some research on it and take precautionary measures and spread awareness about it to save people. Very less people in our society knows about blue skin disease so in order to save them we should campaign about this disease.

By Amara, published at 04/06/2012
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