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How To Locate Size 11 Shoes

Published at 03/22/2012 17:02:17


If you are a woman who wears size 11 shoes, you know how hard it is to find shoes in this size. Women who wear size 11 shoes are in the same boat as women who wear smaller than average shoe sizes because the unfortunate fact is that their needs are not accommodated by most shoe designers. Even though women's feet are getting larger, it is still very difficult to find size 11 shoes outside of specialty shoe stores. Despite this, there are still places where women can find size 11 shoes, they just have to make more of an effort to find them.

Step 1

Research the shoe stores and department stores in your area to find out which stores carry size 11 shoes on a regular basis. put your name on these stores mailing list to be notified whenever shoes in your size or in stock. gain on a mailing list may be more a factor with a shoe store then with the department store Sensor shoe store is smaller and they only sell shoes and accessories. For department stores, you may need to establish a relationship with a shoe salesperson to get the best service.


Step 2

Find out which shoe stores or department stores takes a special orders for items that are not in stock. Sometimes a manufacturer may make the shoe and a size 11, but the retailer doesn't carry that size in stock. The reason a retailer may make this type of decision is because they may have limited space to carry items in stock, so they have to make the decision to carry only the most common sizes, which are a size 6 through 10.


Step 3

Shop at stores that specialize in selling plus size clothing and clothing for tall women. Most women tend to have larger feet, so shopping in those places will increase your chances of finding size 11 shoes in stock.


Step 4

When shopping for shoes, if you don't find size 11 shoes in stock, express your disappointment and request that the store stock this size in the future. If you are shopping online, make the request to customer service via e-mail. If you are shopping in person, ask to speak to the manager and then make your request to the manager directly.


Step 5

Become more familiar with shoe manufacturers and designers to find out which ones make shoes in size 11. After you compile your list, contact those designers and manufacturers directly and asked to be put on their mailing list. You may be able to buy your size 11 shoes directly from them or they may be able to put you in touch with stores that carry their sizes in stock. This could be very convenient because they may be able to put you in touch with stores that or not in your local area and even in other states. This greatly and she greases your chances of having a wider selection of size 11 shoes available to you.



Become more vocal and proactive with shoe designers and manufacturers to let them know that you wear a size 11 shoe and that you are not alone and that if size 11 shoes were made more available the shoe manufacturers and designers would probably get more sales.


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