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Shoes are not just a means for protecting the soles of ones feet, they are a fashion statement. Most fashion, women's shoes, boots in particular is more about style than anything else. The trend changes every season, sometimes even quicker. The wide variety of footwear available makes selection a difficult feat to accomplish.

Women's shoes boots and the different variety of designs available in these give one the liberty of choosing from a huge range of footwear available. one can find boots for the summer season as readily as winter season. Shoes are available for people who give precedence to style and design to people whose primary concern is comfort. The whole array available gives one room to make plenty of different choices.

Even in the history of fashion, women's shoes boots and their selection has little to do with practicality, rather the more dominant factors are design and style. The significance of footwear went up as the general trends in clothing changed. In the 20th century as the hemline of women's dresses and skirts went higher the importance given to shoes went up as well. They were now not simply mere articles of clothing used to protect one's feet from harm and dirt they were a part of everyday attire, casual and formal.

Boots are generally associated with cowboys, however, they are the newest rage in fashion. In the early years boots consisted of separate leggings, soles and uppers. They were worn by sewing them together. the idea behind such shoes was that they offered more protection. The full sewn together version was invented in 1000 BC. Boots became popular in America during the Civil War and were made popular for women in the 1960's by Nancy Sinatra.

In women's shoes boots are one type of footwear that literally never goes out of fashion. There are several different types of boots available, which can be paired up with clothing in a variety of clothing to make it look chic and stylish. Patent leather boots are an evergreen trend that is still to be usurped by something else. Pair them up with skirts for an elegant look. For sporty girls cowboy boots with rugged jeans look smart and attractive.

Boots are even available in floral prints and for the very cold winter season with fur trimmings. Women in warmer climates can enjoy the cotton boots which don't make your feet sweat. For formal occasions choose boots with heels. Other choices in women's footwear include pumps which are great for casual wear and semi formal wear. High heels are of course a must have. Sneakers too are now available in so many prints. Sandals are staples for every woman in the summers.

Tips and comments

While buying women's shoes boots, make sure that you take comfort into account. Often women end up buying shoes that only look good and don't fit properly. This can lead to serious accidents. Buy women's shoes boots that you know will go with the kind of clothes you wear. A gorgeous pair of shoes will look completely awful if you pair it with the wrong clothes.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/10/2012
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