The Best Shoes For Evening Wear
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The Best Shoes For Evening Wear

Published at 03/27/2012 20:56:56


The Best Shoes For Evening Wear

Whether you go to a wedding, a cocktail party, a birthday party, sophisticated dinner or to a theater, your elegant outfit should always be paired with the right shoes: the evening shoes. These are a special type of footwear decorated with all sorts of straps and bows, semiprecious stones, beads or pearls, made from shiny fabrics which make a women’s feet look like works of art.


The Best Shoes For Evening Wear

When it comes to style, the array of evening shoes is extremely diverse and ranges from heels to platforms, from sandals to pumps, sling backs, wedges, stilettos and many others. Some of these are more formal and others are less formal, it depends on how much surface of the feet is covered. For example, sandals are less formal and can’t be worn during an evening at a theater. These are more suitable for proms and outdoor weddings. If you are to choose between these styles, you should take into account a few aspects like comfort, the structure of your feet, your height and the season in which the big event is scheduled. Avoid high heels if you can’t wear them all night. Still, if you have strong feet or if you are petite women you should learn and walk on them because nothing elongates and thins the body and the feet better than the heels. Another thing to remember is to choose the footwear according to the time of the year when the event takes place. You may be going with a limousine to the location of the event, but if you wear sandals in the middle of the winter you might ruin your elegant look.


The Best Shoes For Evening Wear

Evening shoes can be made from satin, leather, silk, velvet, suede, micro fiber and many others. The more brilliant the material is the more elegant is considered the footwear. Take care what you chose and always match them with the texture of your dress. As a basic rule to remember, always match the material and the color of the shoes at least with the bottom part of your dress.
If we are to speak about the colors, evening shoes are available in all rainbow colors. Yet, most of the women go for black because they can’t go wrong with black. Shoes like these fit almost any color of dress, except from pastels, and never go out of fashion. Black inspires class and sophistication. Moreover, black evening shoes will never compete against the outfit like other bright colors can do. So, if the dress is the piece of resistance of your evening look, choose some shoes that can’t overshadow the upper part of the body. On the other hand, in case you intend to wear a simple gown, it is recommended to complete the outfit with shoes with daring colors because otherwise you will remain unnoticed. Experiment a little bit and choose some evening shoes in tones of silver or gold. By doing so, you have all the chances to be mistaken with a Hollywood star.

Tips and comments

In conclusion, with such a great variety of elegant footwear, it is hard to say which evening shoes are the best. The best shoes are the ones you are comfortable with, the ones which suit the texture of your dress and also the ones which flatter the features of your feet.


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