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What To Wear With Wedge Style Shoes


Wedge shoes are fun, stylish, chic and most importantly, comfortable. When you love the look of wearing high heels but hate how uncomfortable they can be after a few hours, wedges are the way to go. Wedge shoes are perfect in the spring and summer to show off your legs and a chic choice in the autumn and winter to wear with your jeans. If you have trouble figuring out what to wear with your wedge shoes, follow these current trends and step out with confidence.

Why Wear Wedges Over Traditional Heels?

Wedge shoes add the height that you love with heels, but are easier to walk in. The wide heel provides support and stability, so you do not really feel like you are walking in a heel. They are perfect for nearly all lengths of skirts and dresses, so you do not need a dozen pairs to go with all your different skirt and dress styles. And, if you have heavy ankles, the chunkiness of wedge shoes make the ankle appear thinner, more elegant.

What to Wear

Skirts and Dresses

Wedge shoes are perfect to elongate and show off the leg when you are wearing your favorite wrap dress or floaty skirt. A casual summery sandal wedge goes perfectly for casual dates while a more refined pump style for the office.
Skirts and dresses that go perfectly with wedge shoes are:

  • Wrap dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Flowing skirts


A popular look with wedge shoes today is wearing them with all types of jeans in classic denim or colors. Whether you love boot-cut or skinny, jeans are the perfect choice for wedges this year. A fancy wedge with accessories or just a cute classic design turns an outfit with jeans into a fashion statement easily.


A simple pair of wedge shoes can go perfectly with your Bermuda shorts as well as your daisy dukes. Rather than going for the sky-high wedge, choose something in between and keep the colors on the neutral side. A cute pair of wedge sandal shoes or a fun pair of tong wedges with a bit of bling go perfectly with your summer shorts, no matter how long or short they are.

Capri pants

In the past, most fashion divas avoided wedge shoes with Capris, but times have changed. The new colorful and sexy wedge shoes designers put out today go perfectly with today’s Capris. To pull the look off, choose slip-on or strappy wedge shoes to keep the look casual and fun.

Tips and comments

If you have super skinny ankles, wedge shoes will make them appear thinner if too chunky. Opt for a pair with ankle straps or slip-on tongs.

Although wedge shoes go perfectly with almost any skirt and dress, avoid wearing them with pencil skirts. The look just does not work well together.

Wedge shoes are comfortable and sturdy for walking, but do not think you can actually run in them.

If you have large feet, wedge shoes can make them appear larger if you wear with super tight clothing, such as skinny jeans.

By Lucy Beam, published at 03/07/2012
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