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Tips For Purchasing Wide Width Shoes

Published at 03/30/2012 17:48:34


If you are in need of wide width shoes, you can find it hard purchasing normal shoes because they just aren't made to accommodate your feet. A wide width shoe is needed by many types of feet. Sometimes, we are just born with wide feet, and sometimes as we get older, our feet tend to spread out. This can cause us to need a wider shoe for the comfort of our toes. You don't have to struggle to settle into small shoes.  Iif you know where to look, there are many wide width shoes styles available for your every shoe need.

Step 1

There are many wide width shoe retailers online that specialize in those special types of shoes, like wide widths. These shoes are much easier on the feet and allow more room so that the toes and ball of the foot are not crowded. These types of shoes can be especially helpful if you are diabetic or have other foot issues that you need more room for. Wider width shoes just plainly give more comfort than normal width shoes.

Step 2

When you go into a shoe store, you often times may have a hard time finding wide width shoes. You should ask for the help of a shoe sales associate to help you find the wide width shoes that you are wanting. They can help you find wide width shoes easily. They may have to go to the back room to find what you need, but they should be able to assist you in finding great pairs of shoes that will fit you comfortably. This will save you the aggravations of having to hunt through the shelves yourself.

Step 3

It is so important that you know the true measure of your feet. It is not just enough to say that you have wide feet, but you must know what length you need as well. Our feet can change drastically in size over the years. So what you wore as a young adult, may not be the size that you wear now. You should have your feet measured with a special tool that will measure both the length and the width. This will tell you exactly what wide width shoes you need to purchase and make sure that you get a great fit that will comfort your feet.

Step 4

When shopping for shoes, try them on. Shoes are sized so differently among different shoe manufacturers so what one brand might size accurately, you might need a whole different size in a different brand. Don't be afraid to move up or down a size if the shoe feels right. These sizes do change so much and are not always truly accurate of traditional sizes. If you are truly finding it difficult, you may need to go to a specialty shoe shop where your shoes can be handmade specifically for your feet.

Step 5

Once you find a brand that seems to work well with your wide width shoes needs, you may want to stick with that brand. Since so many shoes are so different, when you find a good one, it is best to stay with it. You can buy different sizes within that brand so that you stay in the right fit and comfort level that you need. If you do branch out to other brands, just be sure to try them on and walk in them to make sure that they feel the best possible. This will let you know if this is a shoe that you need to buy or if you need to keep on looking.

Tips and and Comments

  • Know your correct size of length and width.
  • Check with online retailers.
  • Try every shoe on before you buy.
  • Get help from a salesperson.


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