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How To Diagnose Diseases Aids Hiv

Published at 03/01/2012 03:22:21


The diseases HIV and AIDS are human viruses that can lead to other serious issues. AIDS, which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, infected 58,000 people in America in 2010 according to The Center for Disease Control.

There are two different types of the HIV virus, HIV-1 and the HIV-2. Typically, HIV-1 is primarily the type that occurs in the United States. These viruses work because they will harm the body by the destroying of certain blood cells, called CD4, which are necessary for all humans bodies to fight off diseases and keep from getting terminally ill due to diseases AIDS HIV.

Step 1

Typically, how HIV is detected is some people may develop symptoms that may be mistaken for the flu. These can last for a few weeks or may go on for months at at time. Some other people may develop it. However, and if they have a stronger immune system to begin with they may look and feel perfectly fine for years. Although people may feel fine, AIDS diseases HIV is quickly destroying the body.


Step 2

There are many tests that can be done to determine if a person has the HIV virus. The antibody test can be done to determine if a person has the diseases AIDS HIV. Once a person has become infected with the HIV virus, the body will respond and produce a special type of protein that tries to fight off the HIV infection. This type of protein is called an anti-body. The special HIV antibody test will determine if these antibodies exist in the urine, in blood, or even in the persons saliva. If there are any of the special antibodies that are detected in any of those, it means that the person was infected with HIV at one time or another. This is the most common way that the diseases AIDS HIV are discovered.

The rapid HIV test consist of doing a simple blood test and will give result in about 30 minutes or less. These results can be read by anyone who is trained to do so and simply give either a positive or negative result (almost like a pregnancy test detects the HCG levels when pregnancy has occurred).

Step 3

There is a home sampling test that the person can do in the comfort of their own home by either taking a prick of blood or by sending urine off to a lab. The lab will then consult with your doctor, or yourself for the test results to see if you have any diseases AIDS HIV.




Step 4

HIV medication act because they can improve the overall well-being of the person who had the HIV virus. By taking the medications, this can sometimes prolong the virus to where it doesn't progress to AIDS as fast leading to a longer life for the person with the HIV virus.


Step 5

Once a person is diagnosed with HIV, they should always be seen by a doctor who has experience with diagnosing and treating people who have HIV. Most people, even those who may feel healthy, will benefit from the medications that doctors are currently using to treat people who are living with the HIV virus.



Remember: When left as an untreated issue, having an HIV infection can be closely related to diseases like heart and cardiovascular disease. It also can cause many types of kidney diseases, cancers, and liver diseases.

There are many diseases AIDS HIV-based services for support that are available. These services are there to assist people and to help them to cope with the HIV diagnosis, to reduce any type of high risk behaviors they may be deal with (such as suicide), and find some needed services.

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