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Disorders Mental Health That Are Found in Young Children


Health is something that parents always worry about when it comes to their children, and physical health has always taken priority over most anything else.  So many times, parents tend to forget that mental health disorders can arise in small children, and they don't notice the warning signs.


For most people we tend to think of disorders mental health problems as something that adults get but forget that children are just as likely to get disorders mental health issues. When a child gets a mental health disorder it can lead to other problems that they will develop as they get older. Many times it causes problems in their family environment as well as their school and learning environments.

There are many disorders mental health that children can develop while they are still young. For many of these problems there are triggers and things that can either cause or prevent the problem, while for others there is no known cause, its just something that a child is born with. If you are a parent or a teacher its a good idea to make sure that you are familiar with some of the more common disorders mental health that are found in children.


One of the most commonly found disorders mental health is that of attention deficit disorder. Many people think that they children have this problem and demand that they be placed on medication for it. Most of the time its not a matter of the child actually having this disorder but acting out because something is missing. Parents that ignore their children and video games and television teach them are more likely to think that their child have this disorder because they are going to view any activity as the disorder. This means that most people do not believe that this disorder can be solved with medications but more with a good family and emotional environment.

Most children will suffer from one or more disorders mental health while growing up. One such problem that most children will face at least once is some sort of anxiety disorders. These kinds of disorders mental health will come when a child has gone through a very traumatic experience or is very nervous about something new. A good since that your child is having anxiety disorders is if they are having problems with their attitude, and is not acting like themselves or if they are becoming non social.

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Autism is another one of the disorders mental health that is found in children. In fact this particular disorder has many levels from someone that can function normally to someone that cant live on their own. If you notice that a child has a hard time reading and communication with other or functioning around others then you might need to have them tested to make sure that they do not have autism.

The fact is that there are many other disorders that your child could have. this does not mean that you need to panic and assume that your child has any of them but its best to keep an eye open. Mood disorders, depression, nervous disorders are just a few to be on the look out for.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/15/2012
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