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How To Choose a Foundation For Mental Health

Published at 03/29/2012 16:19:12


Stress and external environment are not the only causes of mental illness. Some causes are physiological and sometimes genetic as well. There has been a need for mental health foundation initiatives. A lot needs to be done to improve mental health status around us, and this can be done through being a contributing partner to a mental health foundation. There are a couple of mental health foundations that are currently in existence. 

Step 1

It is always best to start with a mental health foundation that is close to you. After all, charity begins at home. This is made even more pragmatic when it comes to the events that are usually held to raise money for the foundation. The closer you are to the source, the more likely you will be able to participate in these events and raise money at the same time as you have fun and mingle with like-minded people.

Step 2

What is close to your heart when it comes to mental illness? Are you concerned about children in particular? Might there be specific mental disorders that are closer to your heart in regard to wanting to be a part of bringing about positive change to the lives of people living with them? There are many mental health foundations and some have been diversified to deal with some bit of the whole spectrum in order to make the effect more effective. This is something to consider.

Step 3

When talking about this, it is important to think of what you have and how you can bring it on the table. Foundations are not just about giving money, but donating your thoughts and talents as well. Think about a skill you have or an opportunity that might be more open to you than to others and see how it can help you fit in a certain mental health foundation. This can help you in choosing where you want to commit to.

Step 4

When talking about a foundation, you would definitely want to be a part of a mental health foundation that is actually doing work and utilizing the resources they acquire in a wise way. Check the sources of the foundation and what they stand for and what they have done. It would also be of use to see how long they have been in existence.

Step 5

Be sure to read a the mental health foundation vision and mission and goals. Does your vision align with theirs? Also make sure that they are legit before you choose to be a part of them. Whichever way you choose, it is good and wise to be part of a noble cause such as a mental health foundation.

Tips and Comments

All in all, mental illness is still a big cause of worry and not enough concern is given to it. Every year, the country is looking millions of dollars over mental health related issues such as disability of working and lack of productivity because of a certain disorder.

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