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How Good Mental Health Makes Life Better


Good mental health make sures that we can live happily, calmly, have good relationships with others and respond well to the events that take place in life, be they small or big. Good mental health means that we are satisfied with where we are in life, and will not be completely blown away by the happening of some event. For good mental health, we need to have social contact and people to talk to about our emotions. Pent up emotions do not make for good mental health, and neither does lack of emotions altogether.

All of us meet with some unfortunate times, but when we are in good mental health, it is easier to cope with the same. This is because personal ties are stronger and we can feel a little better just by telling someone close about how we feel. Strong relationships with others also mean that we can talk freely about our joys, sorrows and our problems without fear of being judged or shunned.

Good mental health is also not achieved is we are too stressed. Stress can be caused by many things, and to get rid of it, we need to be able to express ourselves, ask for help (because many a times, problems are fairly simple to resolve and we only need to tell others about them) or decide what out priorities are. Good mental health means that we are not bogged down by a materialistic view of things and do just what others are will be surprised at the number of people who feel blue and constantly depressed because they do not have all the things their friends or neighbors do. We need to draw a line between needs and wants, if we are to ever have good mental health in this era.


Good mental health also means that we are ready to help others in the time of need. Life is about giving as well as receiving.rather, some would say that it is better to give than to receive, and that is the only way to be truly happy and satisfied with life. When you have good mental health and are in touch with your own emotions and feelings, you will be more likely to want to help others who are in need. You do not have to do much.

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Good mental health also translates into physical well-being, as there are many diseases and problems which are purely psychosomatic in nature. This means that your body begins to take the strain because you are mentally not at ease. Insomnia is one disorder that happens often when you are distressed mentally, and it does take a toll on your body, as well, because you do not get the sleep you need to maintain bodily functions.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/26/2012
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