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Vitamins and minerals should constitute the diet of individuals aiming for health, wellness and disease prevention daily. There are different products and supplements available, which ultimately boost overall physical and mental wellness. People should focus more on the top vitamins that will help them fight infection and prevent genetic conditions that they are particularly prone to. These products are available in different places today at very affordable prices. Read reviews and compare products before buying health supplements vitamins.


The top 10 health supplements vitamins recommended for individuals can be based on their particular activities, disease risks and current health condition. Men and women particularly need different vitamins because their bodies go through different processes. Some people have more physically taxing jobs, while others are constantly exposed to certain elements and environments and will need more of the protective ingredients. People should review their health history and family medical background to identify the possible causes and triggers of disease and consume the right products for improved health. A daily multivitamin can do wonders for both men and women such as preventing cancer, heart disease and diabetes. One complete tablet or capsule a day also improves their mental focus and energy at work and relieves stress.


Health Supplements Vitamins for Men

Vitamin C is highly needed by men because it helps improve blood circulation, repair body tissues and cells and prevent infection. Men usually engage in more strenuous and physical activities which is why 500 to 2000 mg of vitamin C daily will boost recovery and keep them stress-free. The B-complex vitamins like vitamin B3, B6, B12 and B2 are also very useful to keep men's minds sharp and alert. They improve joint and bone condition and function and get rid of common diseases associated with the brain and central nervous system. Most of these vitamins can be acquired from food, such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables and lean meats. Men have to supplement with a pill or capsule any extras needed.

Health Supplements Vitamins for Women

Women will need the fat-soluble vitamins A and E which improves the skin and eyes. Women are very particular with skin health so taking these daily will take out wrinkles, dark spots and unhealthy blemishes. Women should also take vitamin B9 or folic acid during pregnancy to prevent congenital abnormalities in babies. Iron supplementation will help a lot during menstrual periods. Women should also take more calcium and glucosamine to protect their bones and joints from damage and osteoporosis..

Other Useful Agents

Other things that can be added to health supplements vitamins for maximum health include chromium, which stabilizes blood sugar levels, omega-3 and six fatty acids, which stabilize cholesterol levels and selenium, which protects the person from cancer development. People should eat more of the healthy food items low in fat and cholesterol such as broccoli, apples, oranges, papaya, avocado, green leafy vegetables like lettuce, nuts, whole wheat, low-fat milk and lean white meat from fish or poultry for the best results and prevention of disease.

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